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"a homosexual social media website called reddit"

A mayoral candidate, a supposed Aryan bicyclist, a video, a newspaper story, and a libel lawsuit.


From the Complaint (written by a self-represented litigant) in Lopes v. Reddit, Inc.:

The defendants posted in the san jose mercury news and on a homosexual social media website called reddit. The Defendants defamatory and intentional inflection of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional address; as well as slander and libel upon the plaintiff.

The San Jose Mercury News story seems to be the one here, and includes video; here's an excerpt:

Thompsen said he had been riding home from work Thursday on Second Street near the intersection of San Salvador Street in downtown San Jose when he came across Lopes' Nissan 350Z, parked with both back tires inside the green-and-white-striped bike lane, although there was still room for a single cyclist to pass between the car and the curb.

Thompsen apparently complained to Lopes, who complained back, culminating with telling Thompsen,

You're an Aryan. You'll get over it…. You're a fag…. All Aryans are fags, motherfucker. Am I wrong? … Your god's a fag, you're a fag, your father's a fag.

Earlier this month, Mr. Lopes got over 4000 votes for mayor of Newark, California, though this only amounted to about 23% of the vote. For more on Mr. Lopes and bicycles, see this earlier story; the stories suggest that he seems to like neither Aryans nor Jews.