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We Now Have More Parler Subscribers Than Twitter Subscribers


I've heard news stories about the surge in Parler users, and whatever is happening generally, we're certainly seeing it here. A week ago, we had 6,800 followers, a result of moderate growth since we joined in mid-August. Today, we are up to 27,000, basically quadrupling in a week. This is also now above our 23,500 Twitter subscribers (adding the @VolokhC, @VolokhSpeech, and @VolokhGuns numbers).

We're still seeing a good deal more referrals to our full posts from Twitter than Parler; there seems to be more of a click-through culture either on Twitter generally or among our longstanding Twitter users. (Perhaps the "longstanding" is part of the reason: Our Twitter users have been with us for years, and may therefore especially like the blog and be willing to follow the Tweets to the posts, more so than people who are just first coming across the blog.)

And, more importantly, we're happy to have more readers on either platform; we're delighted with having the Twitter readers we have as much as the Parler readers (and of course we're delighted by people who visit us directly, too)—thankfully, there's no need to choose. Plus it's good for users to have more companies competing for them. In any event, I wanted to update our readers on this; if you want to follow us on Parler, we're @VolokhC, just as we are on Twitter.