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Federalist Society Conference Next Week Will Be Online, Free of Charge


The Federalist Society's yearly National Lawyers Convention will be all online this year, and will be entirely free (except there'll be a modest fee for lawyers who want Continuing Legal Education credit). You can register here, see the overview agenda here, and see the details on the panels and the panelists here. (I'll blog briefly about a few particular panels in coming days.) Speakers will include Justice Samuel Alito, the retired D.C. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown, and Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia.

As is the norm for Federalist Society conferences, the panels include many liberals and other non-Federalists, including:

  • Prof. Cornel West (Harvard, Princeton emeritus).
  • Prof. Randall Kennedy (Harvard).
  • Prof. Nadine Strossen, former President of the ACLU.
  • Elizabeth Wydra, President of the Constitutional Accountability Center.
  • Prof. Genevieve Lakier (Chicago).
  • Prof. Ash Bhagwat (Davis).
  • Scott Fulton, President, Environmental Law Institute, and former EPA General Counsel under President Obama,
  • and many more.

The panel topics include:

  • Religious Liberty and the New Court
  • EPA Turns 50: A Debate on Environmental Progress and Regulatory Overreach
  • Prosecutorial Discretion, Partisanship, and the Rule of Law
  • Regulatory Practice and Oversight in 2021 and Beyond
  • Rule of Law, or Just Making it Up? First Amendment Tiered Scrutiny
  • Freedom of Association in the Legal Profession
  • Regulating Social Media
  • Are MDL [Multi-District Litigation] Judges Too Powerful?
  • The Law, China, and the Possible New Cold War
  • Agency Leaders on Labor Policy
  • Intellectual Property Rights and the Rule of Law
  • Modern Quandaries of Law Enforcement
  • The Future of the Second Amendment's Right to Keep and Bear Arms:  From the Supreme Court to Social Unrest in the Streets
  • Agency Leaders on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and the Evolution of a Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Emergency Powers and the Rule of Law