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Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: October 31, 1963


10/31/1963: Cleveland Police Detective patted down, and arrested John W. Terry.

The Warren Court (1962-1965)

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Today in Supreme Court History

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One response to “Today in Supreme Court History: October 31, 1963

  1. The lawyer profession is totally biased in favor of the criminal. The criminal law is in utter failure. It allows 15 million common law crimes, and a billion internet crimes. Why is this criminal cult enterprise so biased? Criminals generate jobs for 3 lawyers, for the state, for the defense, and for the judge. Victims generate nothing and may rot. Only 10% of crimes are prosecuted. When they are, 20% of the time, the lawyer has the wrong guy. The defense consists of hand carrying plea offers. It is worthless and should be replaced by email or by texting of the plea offer.