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A Way to Determine Whether the NY Post has a Trove of Hunter Biden's Emails

Some of Hunter's more innocuous emails might be checked with recipients.


SNOPES writes about the story of Hunter Biden's emails detailing influence-peddling:

It also raised questions about whether the emails, upon which the story's entire premise is based, were real. Some even questioned whether the laptop itself actually belonged to Hunter Biden.

At first, I thought that the photos were a bit gratuitous for the NY Post to publish, but they do greatly increase the probability that the trove of emails was originally from a device owned by Hunter Biden. If there really are thousands of emails, it would seem to be an answerable question whether the NY Post has a trove of genuine Hunter Biden's emails.

Surely, Hunter Biden must have emailed some people who are either TRump [Trump] supporters or honest Democrats who could verify at least a couple of the more innocuous emails.

Simply find some non-sensitive emails sent to or received from other people or businesses that might not be inclined to lie or hide information to help Biden. Then contact the other parties and inform them that you have an email to or from them sent around a particular date with the subject line "[quote the subject line]." Then ask that, if they can locate that email, would they please send a copy of it to the NY Post to compare it to the copy of the email that the Post has?

Of course, the FBI could probably easily determine whether some of the emails are authentic—and it probably already has. The FBI or the Justice Department could disclose whether the trove includes real emails from Hunter Biden, without accusing him of wrongdoing or disclosing anything about what might or might not have happened in any grand jury.