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Have Zoom, Won't Need to Travel


As I mentioned a few months ago, several groups have invited me to give Zoom talks this Fall, and I enthusiastically accepted. It's less engaging, of course, than an in-person talk, but there's no travel time and no travel cost, so I'm much more open to such invitations than I had been to in-person speaking engagements.

So far, I've done talks for law school groups, college classes, and lifelong learning groups; I've done podcasts and videocasts and webinars; I have some scheduled with bar associations; I'm arranging something with a church group; all of it is fun for me, and my sense is that it's interesting for the audiences as well.

And this reminded me that I wanted to offer this more broadly: If you have a group of any sort, such as

  • your junior high or high school students,
  • students in your home-schooling group,
  • your college or law school classmates,
  • your lawyer group,
  • your nonlawyer group,
  • your podcast or video audience, or
  • who knows what else,

and you wanted me to give a Zoom talk about

  1. free speech,
  2. religious freedom,
  3. gun rights and gun policy,
  4. the Supreme Court,
  5. the Constitution generally, or
  6. maybe even some other topics,

just e-mail me at volokh at and let me know the circumstances.

Naturally, I'd prefer talking to larger groups rather than very small groups (though that might be easier to do via video, if you gather audience members from various different locations); and the sensible topics might differ from audience to audience. But I'm flexible.