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Today in Supreme Court History: October 3, 1990


10/3/1990: Justice David Souter takes the oath.

Justice David Souter

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  1. “When President Bush tells us he does not know Mr. Souter’s legal philosophy, he is either lying, or he is telling a terrible truth about himself: that he is buying, and asking us to buy, a pig in a poke.” George Will

    Fortunately this closeted gay man turned out to be an ok Justice, but he was presented to us as an empty suit, nominated by another empty suit. Bush was “a man of astounding shallowness”.

    1. Closeted gay activist....

  2. “a man of astounding shallowness”

    Will was just jealous.

    HW was a navy combat pilot at 19, successful oil man, Congressman, CIA director, ambassador, president. Truly a "man in the arena" as Teddy Roosevelt would say. Will's legacy is his bow ties.

    Meanwhile you are voting for a true “man of astounding shallowness”, the former Senator from MBNA who has a 47 year record of complete mediocrity.

    1. Still a man of astounding shallowness.

      He grew up wealthy, the son of a Senator, and glided from establishment post to establishment post, never leaving a mark. He was someone you wanted to put nominally in charge if you wanted a guy who would always "look the other way". He was a nonentity in the Reagan Administration (I assume you believed him when he said he was "out of the loop") and then there was that disgraceful 1988 campaign. Pledge of allegiance and a flag burning amendment, and an irresponsible "no new taxes" pledge. That was his platform.

      As President he had nothing to do but watch the Soviet Union fall apart (Reaganite fantasies about its strength were no longer possible by then) until Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait which he seized on with barely disguised glee. Finally, he had something to do, and a way to look like a strong guy. Afterwards he had a 90% approval rating (this was in 1991, after he broke his "no new taxes pledge") and with all that political capital he had no idea what to use it on. A man without ideas, the opposite of "forceful".

      1. 75 years from now, when everything is declassified, future generations will learn how he prevented WW-III -- a final "hail mary" from the imploding (but still dangerous) Soviet military.

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