On the eve of Yom Kippur, New York City Considers "Extraordinary Lockdown" of Orthodox Jewish Communities

Get the TRO Applications Ready.


Let's pretend that there was never a COVID-19 pandemic. Could you ever fathom a headline in the New York Times that read "New York Threatens Orthodox Jewish Areas With Lockdown." Pause and reflect for a moment.

Now, let's return to 2020. This evening, the New York Times published a headline that read, "New York Threatens Orthodox Jewish Areas With Lockdown Over Virus."

Facing a worrying spike in coronavirus cases in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, New York City health officials began carrying out emergency inspections at private religious schools on Friday and threatened to impose an extraordinary lockdown in those communities that would be the first major retreat by the city on reopening since the pandemic began.

This headline arrived moments before the Sabbath began, and about forty-eight hours before Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. During this period, observant Jews will not check any electronic devices. They are not going to learn of these edicts. Indeed, the people are devoutly preparing for atonement. Instead, they will have to learn about a "crackdown" the hard way.

The crackdown is occurring shortly before Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, which begins on Sunday night, and it was not immediately clear the impact that the measures might have on the ability of people to gather in synagogues. The Health Department said that if significant progress toward following guidelines did not occur by Monday, officials could issue fines, limit gatherings or force closings of businesses or schools.

Will NYPD barge into Yom Kippur services and warn people to put on their masks? It happened in Italy. I hope security cameras record these intrusions for a future 1983 suit, because people of faith will not have their phones handy.

This weekend, Jewish lawyers will be out of commission. My hope is that others can pick up the slack, and prepare the TRO applications.

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  1. Next up….

    NYC sends Jews to “prison camps” for violating lockdown during Yom Kippur.

    1. Stop eating your crayons, dear.

      1. When NYC started doing “emergency inspections” of religious schools during high religious holidays, in order to shut them down…

        Well, the next step is logical. The rule breakers must be punished.

        1. Oh, you’re talking about the schools that were open and operating despite being officially ordered not to do so? Whose administrators gave the mayor assurances that, no, they would not open for in-person instruction, and then went ahead and did so anyway?

          The “emergency inspections” were a hasty, face-saving attempt by the mayor to avoid looking feckless when presented clear and blatant rule-breaking by the Orthodox community. Was anyone arrested? Was anyone fined?

          1. So…DiBlasio’s big concern is that he not be seen as being “feckless”? Well that explains a lot. I can see my days of not respecting DiBlasio are sure comin’ to a middle.

            1. Good god, we all hate him.

    2. Sad thing is that won’t get the visceral response it ought to…

  2. I’ve said this before, but I really do miss the days when I couldn’t understand how the left kept building gulags.

    1. Well, you must be an idiot, then, or just lax in your conservative talking points, since no less than FDR himself, that leading light of modern progressivism, put the Japanese in prison camps for no good reason.

      But I take your statement to implicitly acknowledge that it has never been hard for you to understand how the right has kept building gulags, since of course we have exactly that now – the prison-industrial complex being its own slave-labor-archipelago – and Trump has put his own stamp on things with his ICE camps and keep-away camps and extraordinary deportation techniques and the like. I mean, toss 9 ballots in PA and the red-wing-conservasphere is up in arms, but remove a few uteruses in Florida and it’s just a few bad apples, right? Nothing to see here!

      It’s not hard for you to imagine the right putting people in concentration camps, in other words, because you probably fantasize about just that happening, right here, right now. You probably would be tickled if the FBI, seeing this comment to you, were to barge into my apartment and drag me out by the hair. Wouldn’t you? Feel free to admit it, traitor.

      1. You’re a little vague on the difference between “understanding that“, and “understanding how“, aren’t you? I’ve known about the left and gulags since I was a teen, I grew up during the Cold war, and The Gulag Archipelago was published while I was in Jr. High.

        But before this past year I never had a gut feeling for how they worked themselves up to it. Watching the beginning of the process has been unpleasantly educational.

        1. Well, that would explain your warped sense of the world.

          I certainly wouldn’t want to distract from or excuse Stalin’s human rights abuses, or those of the USSR generally. I just think it’s odd to suggest that the habit of putting people in prison, indefinitely, on false or trumped-up pretenses, in inhumane conditions, etc., is something that a bootlicking fascist like yourself has a hard time grasping. Republicans across the country are fond of concocting new ways and reasons to throw people in prison, for longer and longer. It seems like you’d understand in a very intimate way how a society comes to view that as acceptable.

          1. Funny, it seems Progs are the most insistent on developing new crimes to punish people.

                1. De Blasio may be a crime against nature, but I was asking more about “new crimes to punish people.”

                  Not that de Blasio has, to my knowledge, developed any such new crime.

                  1. There’s the one where if you’re old you’ll be sentenced to death by corona in the nursing home.

                    There’s also the one where if you’re Jewish and you go to religious services you get arrested.

          2. Well you’re the one who, a few hours ago, appeared to be driven to your swooning divan, panties a-twist, by those damn Jooos and their “clear and blatant rule-breaking”.

            Gonna get a few whiplash complaints when you follow that bit of late 30s Deutschepolitik by accusing *others* of being “bootlicking fascists”.

            Just sayin’…

            1. What? I’m just saying that they haven’t been following the same rules everyone else in the city has been expected to follow. The spike in cases is helping to illustrate what the consequences of that is. Everybody can see that, and it makes de Blasio look weak. Hence, he’s suddenly driven to… sort of wave his hands at it.

              I am not calling for a crackdown, myself. I think people can make their own decisions and enjoy the consequences of doing so. I just am not looking forward to Cuomo/de Blasio deciding we need to shut down the whole city again, when the infections in the Jewish communities spread to the rest of the city.

              1. . . . when the infections in the Jewish communities spread to the rest of the city.

                Those damned dirty Jews, eh? But the infected being housed in nursing homes and ‘mostly peaceful protesting’ – as long as its for BLM – is perfectly safe.

                1. I suppose I’ll be made to answer for Cuomo’s decision to send people back into nursing homes, because you lunkheads can’t really grasp how someone could disagree with you on some things without disagreeing with you on everything, but… Cuomo’s decision was wrong, resulted in unnecessary deaths, etc. I’m not going to excuse or defend it.

                  Same with the protests. The lack of any appreciable spread caused by the protests, to my mind, helps to show how difficult it is for the virus to spread outdoors. It’s a good reason for Cuomo, et al., to lighten up on the restrictions on outdoor gatherings they continue to enforce. But the virus clearly spreads easily in indoor situations. Religious gatherings, weddings, funerals, bars, restaurants, buses, etc. – by now we have multiple examples of how these are places where the virus easily spreads. And they’re all things that the Orthodox communities in NYC – or, more specifically, the Hasidic communities – have been doing without abatement throughout much of the pandemic.

                  1. “The lack of any appreciable spread caused by the protests, to my mind, helps to show how difficult it is for the virus to spread outdoors. ”

                    NYC’s contact tracers have been told not to ask people if they’ve attended a protest

                    The contact tracing people were specifically ordered not to collect any information that could lead to blaming the spread on the protests. Don’t look for something, and then claim it doesn’t exist.

  3. Some would say the TROs would amount to killing Jews.

  4. “We have, with heavy hearts, cancelled the Yom Kippur services.

    “Instead, we shall hold a Protest Against Racism at the same time and location. The prayers and rituals will be the same, but for appearance sake, we ask that you bring angry signs and spray-paint some slogans on the Spray-Painting Wall which we will have provided for the occasion.”

    1. And bring baseball bats (to break windows) and cans of gasoline….

  5. Choose reason. Every time.

    Choose reason. Especially over sacred ignorance and dogmatic intolerance. Most especially if you are older than 12 or so. By then, childhood indoctrination fades as an excuse for gullibility, superstition, ignorance, bigotry, and backwardness. By adulthood — even ostensible adulthood — it is no excuse, not even in the most deplorable backwater one can find in southern or rural America.

    Choose reason. And education, tolerance, progress, science, modernity, inclusiveness, and freedom. Avoid ignorance, superstition, bigotry, dogma, insularity, backwardness, authoritarianism and pining for ‘good old days’ that never existed — not 50 years ago, not 2,000 years ago.

    Choose reason. Every time. Be an adult. Or, at least, try.

    Otherwise, you could wind up a belligerently ignorant, half-educated, lethally reckless zealot dumb enough to think you can outsmart a virus with a fairy tale.

    Choose reason. Every time.

    Thank you.

    1. Choose reason, as in whenever anywhere in the nation a black man is shot by the cops its always the cops fault no matter what the evidence, communism works despite having failed everytime its tried. Evolution stopped 100k years ago for humans except for skin color, and you can change your biological sex by wishing on a magic star. Leftists; the party of rationality folks.

      1. These are your peeps, Conspirators.

        This is why you’ll always be at the increasingly inconsequential fringe of legal academia, especially at our strongest schools.

        1. Strongest doesn’t mean best.

          And how’s your PennCentral stock doing?

          1. I think “sitting on the largest endowment while still charging high enough tuition to keep the riffraff out, for certain values of riffraff” means “best” in the Rev’s lexicon.

            1. I’m thinking about the vivid differences between Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley (schools operated in the liberal-libertarian mainstream) and Regent, Liberty, and Ave Maria (conservative-controlled schools).

              And why conservative-controlled campuses are, nearly uniformly, low-quality yahoo factories.

              The reasons are vivid, obvious, and for conservatives inconvenient enough that they try to ignore them.

      2. Except that no leftist I’ve ever met believes any of the things on your list.

        1. Leftists don’t believe Communism works? Seriously? Many do not agree with you.

          1. Most leftists do not believe communism works for the same reason most conservatives do not believe naziism works: We are not defined by our lunatic fringe. And actual communists are the lunatic fringe.

            I realize there is a tendency among some conservatives to consider anyone more liberal than George Wallace a communist, but liberals can’t be responsible for every misperception, or outright slander, any given conservative chooses to toss at us.

            1. Anyone who openly admits to being a communist, I’ve found, is seriously off their rocker. I know one who defends China at every opportunity (and regrets their recent turns toward a freer market economy). Thinks the Cultural Revolution didn’t go far enough. Another one coyly avoids admitting she’s eagerly anticipating a violent revolution.

              Few leftists I know even are that keen on proper socialism. They want better regulations, not state-owned enterprises.

              1. That’s me. I’m more of a capitalist than anything else but I do support a better regulated economy than the one we have, a better safety net, and I don’t agree that big bad gummint is the problem, at least not all the time. And I think people should be treated fairly. To hear some tell it, that practically makes me a Stalinist.

                1. Where some entity other than “big, bad gummint” causes a huge problem in this country, you will find they have purchased the power to do so FROM the “big, bad gummint”.

                  Which, if the gummint were not so big and bad, they would be unable to do. Sure, the Military Industrial Complex is bad, Big Pharma is voraciously greedy, Industrial Farming corps are awful…but if the regulatory agencies were not for sale, if the military procurement procedures were not tailored for the profit of the M-I Complex and if Farm Subsidy bills didn’t give billions to Archer Daniels Midland while making Mom-and-Pop farmers instant thousandaires-there wouldn’t be such a problem.

                  Your wish that the “big, bad gummint” become bigger while also becoming better, is a wish for an outcome that has not been observed, sorry. The more power government has to do good, the more influence they can sell, the more rent-seeking they can reward, the more competition they can suppress.

                  I dunno, maybe I’m being too cynical, rather than you being naive and optimistic. But the lessons of 2020 sure seem to favor cynicism.

                  1. I would not argue that government never does bad things, but I can think of a long list of problems it’s actually made better. So to just knee jerk that “free market good, government bad,” strikes me as awfully myopic.

                    I was once on an e-list with a libertarian whose immediate response whenever any social problem was discussed was how to prevent government from doing anything to fix it. Sorry but I’m just not willing to exclude government from the list of options.

                    Which does not mean that every problem has a government solution. But some do.

  6. Perhaps it’s true that Christians and Jews are being targeted, but the persecutors include plenty of lesser observant and “lapsed” Catholics, Jews, and Protestants, etc. in government and law enforcement.

    The new Globalism being ushered in by Covid fascism only has room for State-worshipping congregants and rioters.

    1. “Covid fascism”

      I generally associate fascism with people dying. Funny that of the nearly million COVID deaths so far, all are from the virus, none from the fascism.

      1. Well, people are dying directly by prolockdown governors shoving covid patients into nursing homes and indirectly by interruptions to healthcare and then there are the deaths directly and indirectly stemming from the riots caused by the lockdown and some reports show an increase in suicides. Do those count?

        1. Don’t forget Opiate abuse — WAY up.
          And the 1/3 reduction in cancer treatment.

      2. That’s like saying “all from bullets, none by the Nazis.”

        1. Oh really. So 100,000s are dying because fascist mask mandates are like deliberately shooting COVID into people. That’s as nonsensical as it is stupid.

          1. Agree that is both nonsensical and stupid.
            Also agree that it’s something from your brain apparently trying to emulate the Cathy Young “So…what you’re saying is…” Rhetorical Technique.

            Not something I would aspire to, myself.

      3. You missed the massive spike in deaths by the elderly living in nursing homes when the state ordered hospitals to move covid-positive people into them.

  7. Gosh, Josh, if only you had the slightest inkling of what NYC politics was actually like, your take on this could have been slightly less than completely embarrassing. Maybe you should keep your pointless pontificating to issues arising in the armpit of Texas or for your captive Zoom audience.

    Simply put – no, there isn’t going to be any kind of systematic “crackdown” on Jews failing to wear masks or congregating in great numbers over their holidays. That is why there is a COVID spike in these neighborhoods in the first place. They have pretty much never been compliant with the social-distancing and masking rules, and the mayor and NYPD have pretty much never done a goddamn thing about it. And they’re not going to start now. They’re too well-represented by local and state politicians for anything really to come down.

    No, Yom Kippur and Sukkot and all the rest of the holidays will pass without meaningful incident, Shabbat to Shabbat, just like Rosh Hashanah did, and the rest of NYC is going to hold its breath, hoping that the spread doesn’t infect the rest of the city, bringing Cuomo crashing in to shut the city down again, lest we sink his 2024 ambitions.

    1. Gosh, Simon, if only you had the slightest inkling of what Texas is really like, you wouldn’t resort to insults like “armpit” to describe what you don’t know, and you wouldn’t be such an embarrassment to your fellow commenters.

      1. Just between Texans, sometimes in summer it does feel a bit like an armpit. But NYC smells and looks like an armpit.

        1. NYC is a piece of shit. Our budget is bloated, our politicians are corrupt and incompetent, our police are lazy and racist scumbags, our taxes are too high, everything’s dirty, and everything’s too expensive. Right now we’re stuck between a mayor who has tuned out of doing his job and a governor who views us as little more than a piggy bank for his upstate constituents.

          But I’d take it any day over the suburban wasteland that you call DFW. The best parts of Texas are the ones that are recruiting New Yorkers and Californians, and that’s a FACT.

      2. I’m not the one purporting to comment on Houstonian politics, am I?

    2. If there will be no crackdown – then why bother with issuing the order?

      1. To avoid embarrassment, deflect Cuomo, who knows? Nothing that de Blasio has done since dropping out of the presidential race has been anything other than reactive. And it’s not like the NYPD are eager to enforce social distancing or mask mandates. It’s just a fat turd of an order.

        1. So he’s going to order a crackdown – to avoid looking weak – then there won’t be a crackdown – and he won’t end up looking weak?

  8. We’re not all offline.

  9. Been there, done that; it did not turn out well.

    1. Where are those guys who said “never again”?

      1. Reminds me of the great Chinese homonym panic of 2020.

        Just because one thing resembles another, doesn’t mean they are even remotely related.

      2. Where are those guys who said “never again”?

        Throwing election campaigns for the politicians planning the crackdown after attending RBG’s non-Kosher “lying in state?”

  10. I am deeply uncomfortable with locking people up for practicing their faith. At that same time, can we please at least acknowledge that a lot of religious belief is socially harmful, as evidenced in this case by the rise of Covid among the orthodox?

    1. Republicans and conservatives will never give ground on religion . . . it’s the only fig leaf they have left in modern America to provide cover for their rampant bigotry.

      1. Your faith in your own self-righteousness doesn’t leave room for anything else.

        1. And your bigotry excuses you from relevance to America’s future.

          Carry on, culture war casualty. So long as your betters permit, that is.

    2. That is bullshit = At that same time, can we please at least acknowledge that a lot of religious belief is socially harmful, as evidenced in this case by the rise of Covid among the orthodox

      Please distinguish between religious belief…and behavioral practice in public. The two are not the same.

      1. XY,
        That’s a fair point. But belief and actions-based-on-belief are often so closely intertwined that it’s understandable shorthand to use one term interchangeably with the other.

        1. And yet, they are separate things. What you call ‘understandable shorthand’; I interpret as ‘sophistry’. Different connotation.

      2. If not for the belief, the behavior wouldn’t have happened.

        1. You don’t account for free agency. Look, we both feel uncomfortable at the prospect locking up Jews on Yom Kippur. We agree there, I think. Where we part ways is directly linking religious belief to social behavior in an inexorable fashion.

          1. I don’t believe in free will, but even if I did, the actor is still acting on the basis of the belief. Had the actor believed something different the act wouldn’t have followed.

          2. “Where we part ways is directly linking religious belief to social behavior in an inexorable fashion.”

            You’re saying the yahoos’ compliance with silly dogma is a coincidence that should not be attributed to organized superstition?

            That’s daft.

  11. They should start hanging BLM banners and thow a molotov and all will be fine.

    1. That’s attacking progs with accusations of hypocrisy. They’re WAAAAY beyond any concern with petty things like that.

      Their consciences are cleared not by comparison to any set of moral principles, but by accumulation of Twitter likes.

  12. As an American who is Jewish I am horrified and ashamed by the activity of Orthodox Jews in both the U. S. and Israel. Their selfish, self righteous, and holier than thou attitude not only endangers their communities and all others but also betrays the basic tenets of Judiasm and it culture of care, concern, passion and belief that the mission of the religious person is to treat others as you yourself wish to be treated, to care for the welfare of your fellow man and woman.

    These fanatics hide behind a false accusation of religious persecution. They are no different than the fundamentalist Islamic followers in their disregard for those with whom they disagree. They, not the anti-Semites or the Arabs are the greatest threat to the existence of Jews around the world.

    1. “The anti-zionist Jew says ‘asaJew’ in order to turn opinion against the majority of her fellow Jews. She wants to say that because she doesn’t find something to be antisemitic, for example, and she is a Jew, and she speaks as a Jew, then they should accept that it isn’t antisemitic. Because if a Jew says something isn’t antisemitic then it can’t be. Right?”

      Applicable not only to antizonism, but to Orthodox-bashing.


    2. If its okay for leftists to go out by the thousands and riot and kill and burn down buildings in some of the largest riots in history for no direct purpose other than to symbolically show how mad they are whats wrong with the jews on a much smaller scale fulfilling what they believe to be the command of an entity that created and rules all of existence? Putting yourself it each ones shoes which would seem the more important thing?

    3. Sidney….G’Mar Hatimah Tovah.

      This comment was totally off base = As an American who is Jewish I am horrified and ashamed by the activity of Orthodox Jews in both the U. S. and Israel…..These fanatics hide behind a false accusation of religious persecution. They are no different than the fundamentalist Islamic followers in their disregard for those with whom they disagree.

      When the orthodox start throwing homosexuals off rooftops, or mutilating their female children’s genitalia, or beheading apostates, please let VC Readership know. Your comment was more than a little asinine.

  13. They are no different than the fundamentalist Islamic followers in their disregard for those with whom they disagree.

    Well, NY Jews ARE known for their indiscriminate bombing of … wait, wut????

  14. Yet Biden/Harris will still get about 70 percent of the Jewish vote.

    1. Not enough. Trump just retweeted another antisemite today. I’ve lost count how many that makes. How many Jew-haters has Biden retweeted?

      1. LOL! In your fever fantasies that was antisemitic.

          1. What? Now artistic composition is ‘antisemitic’?

            1. …Are you arguing there is no such thing as antisemetic art?

              1. No, Brett is just either too ignorant to catch antisemitic references, or he is gish galloping here.

                1. Or you’re a hallucinating jackass.

              2. No, of course I’m not arguing that there’s no such thing as antisemitic art. I’m arguing that artistic composition and content are separate things, and what makes something antisemitic is content. Point out the antisemitic CONTENT in that cartoon.

                What you’re doing here is on a par with declaring a poem racist because it’s written in iambic pentameter. It’s colossally irrational.

                1. The Rothschilds are puppetmastering Soros who is puppetmastering generals who criticize Trump?

                  Yeah not antisemetic at all.

                  1. Stop it with the anti-Soros == anti-semite bullshit. Soros collaborated with the fucking Nazis, for pity’s sake.

                    1. That’s a filthy lie.

                    2. Just another day at the Volokh Conspiracy’s playground for bigots.

                  2. Leo’s “another antisemite” link has some connection to Trump, but no antisemitic content

                    Your link has antisemitic content, but no connection to Trump.

                    And the only connection between the two cartoons I can see is a slight commonality in the composition.

                    1. The connection, Brett, is that Trump repeatedly retweets content from racists and antisemites. Once, even twice, can be careless error. Over and over again is not. The president of the United States has more than sufficient resources at his disposal to assure that the people he amplifies on his presidential Twitter account aren’t prominent, virulent bigots. That he chooses not to speaks volumes.

      2. I don’t think Biden’s real big on re-tweeting, but his IS the party of Ilhan Omar and more than a few other anti-Semites. So I think the characterization of Trump as being the more anti-semitic is plainly incorrect.

        Now, he does seem to be less willing to support Israel “no matter what”. This could easily be from his deal-makers’ instinct of having as many negotiating assets as possible.

        I keep hearing Trump doesn’t really believe anything, and that’s possible, but then some slight hint of maybe possibly leaning towards something alleged…is taken as an ironclad commitment to some system of awful beliefs?? Nah. *meta-analysis failure*

        1. Sorry, but that “party of” stuff doesn’t pass the smell test. The GOP, including a number of its Congressional and Senatorial candidates, is the party of a QAnon movement that’s awash in antisemitic conspiracy theories.

          So both parties are “parties of” at the fringes. Only one of them is led by an unapologetic amplifier of some of the vilest antisemites on the planet, someone who equivocates about “very fine people” who march with neo-nazis, someone who, when confronted with his own campaign’s dissemination of antisemitic memes and tropes, shamelessly expresses regret only that his campaign stopped distributing them.

    2. Lol. Jews != Orthodox Jews

      And having spoken to many Orthodox Jews in NYC / NJ (I grew up in teaneck) you’d be surprised.

      1. Orthodox Jews != Hasidic Jews

  15. Tensions have been simmering between the the government of NYC and the Orthodox community for a long time now. And its not just democrats, many Republicans also have reservations.

    There has always been an implicit understanding that so long as the community doesn’t disrupt the existing government, they will be left alone to run their own schools and community. This is expecially true in NYC, with much more extreme Haredi communities.

    Those citing the presidential election, I’m confused because the Haredi community generally votes Republican in presidential races. The NYC government doesn’t care. It cares about them voting Democrat in local races, which they do due to that understanding.

    However, over the past few years, as the communitiy has become much bigger (high birthrate) and De Blasio and Cuomo has tried cracking down on their school system. This might push it over the edge … but even still, they have the good sense not to get too involved. De Blasio has a lot of empty threats, but he still hasn’t actually fixed any of the structural problems in the Orthodox Jew community.

    I’d imagine he says a lot of empty threats and backs off. That was basically his approach to the Yeshiva investigations.

  16. Typhoid Mary eventually had to be locked up.

    1. If you can point to a specific person who has covid and is out in public spreading it, I’d support you detaining them, too. But I don’t see what that has to do with anything in this story.

  17. Belligerent ignorance, lethal recklessness, and old-timey bigotry are not improved by being cloaked in convenient superstition . . . but conservatives sure love to pretend they are!

    1. Good to see that you’ve finally come out as a bigot.

      1. His years of anti-heartland, anti-rural and anti-christian screeds did not clue you in?

        His continual use of “clinger” has not been a misspelling of the M*A*S*H character.

    2. Dang. I recently gently ridiculed someone requesting an “edit” function for the Reason comment section. (“Geez, you expect them to just leap headlong into the 21st century?”)

      And here I am, about to lobby for a “Mute” function.

  18. Hm. Many black neighborhoods and larger communities are unusually heavily hit by COVID as well. Yet for a second can you ever imagine reading a headline “City Considers Extraordinary Lockdown of Black Communities”?

    1. Or even enforcement of the immigration laws?

    2. The dynamics are a bit different, at least in New York.

      The spikes we’re seeing now in the Orthodox community seem to stem from their continuing to gather in large number for religious services, weddings, funerals, schools, etc., without any kind of protective measures.

      The higher rates of infection in lower-income, black, hispanic, and Asian communities in NYC are due to a more disparate set of factors. One, many of the people in those communities don’t have the option of working from home, so they’re still going in and traveling around the city. Two, these communities tend to pack more people into smaller homes, which means that they infect one another easily. Three, they have worse access to health care generally anyway.

      There have also been a lot of parties from time to time throughout the summer. It’s not clear that these have had any impact on infection rates, but that hasn’t stopped Cuomo from wielding his big stick to crack down on it. A number of bars have seen their liquor licenses suspended for not regulating their crowds closely enough.

      It’s just, y’know, not sufficiently red-meat enough for Josh to care about it and write a post about it, yeah?

  19. Strangely enough, I haven’t seen any news about the madrassas in NYC (and yes, there are some) being inspected and threatened with closure.

    1. That could be because they’re complying with local laws.

      But nah, I’ll be it’s a coverup.

  20. Herman Goering said at the Nuremberg trials:
    “… the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

  21. So what happened yesterday?

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