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When will Justice Ginsburg's papers be available?

We know it will not be in 100 years.


Last year, a rumor spread that Justice Ginsburg would lock down her papers for 100 year after she left the bench. Fortunately, this rumor was "not true." But we do not know when the papers will be made available. Will she follow the lead of Thurgood Marshall or Harry Blackmun, and make the papers available immediately? If so, there will be records on pending cases available the the public. Plus, we can learn what has happened at the Court over the past two decades. (Someone check if Linda Greenhouse is already camping out at the Library of Congress.)

One related thought. I presume that Justice Ginsburg was the source of at least some of Joan Biskupic's leaks. With RBG gone, Joan's sources may dry up. We'll see if she publishes another series of exposes next summer, without RBG. Of course, silence could also reflect the success of my ultimatum to the Chief. We may never know