Classes Today: "Enumerated Power I" and "Introduction to the Sales Contract"

I figured out the feedback issue. It will be fixed on Wednesday


Here are the videos from my class today. I finally figured out why there is a hissing sound in the background. The feedback will be fixed for classes on Wednesday. The problem was my lavalier microphone. The connection between the mic and my phone was loose. That loose connection created the hissing sound. I am also using a new lighting ring, which helps eliminate shadows.

Class 3: Enumerated Powers I – The Chase Court and the Progressive Courts (8/24/20)

  • The Chase Court
    • United States v. Dewitt (181-182)
    • Hepburn v. Griswold (183-186)
    • Altering the size of the Supreme Court (187-188)
  • The Progressive Era
    • United States v. E.C. Knight Co. (201-207)
    • Champion v. Ames (207-213)
    • Hammer v. Dagenhart (214-218)

Class 3: Introduction to the Sales Contract (8/24/20)

  • Introduction to buying and selling real estate, 553-554
  • Sample Contract, 554-567 (Skim)
  • The Statute of Frauds, 569-570
  • Hickey v. Green, 571-575
  • Marketable Title: Lohmeyer v. Bower, 576-581