The 16 Leading Cases from OT 2019

All 16 are now ready for the Barnett/Blackman supplement.


Every year, Randy and I prepare edited version of new cases for our casebook's supplement. This year, I decided to edit cases the day them come out. That process forced me to digest a decision, in its entirety, before writing about it. I was able to keep to my plan for all cases but one. (I only finished Mazars the morning after it was issued).

This term was chock full of blockbusters. We will be adding sixteen cases to the supplement (in rough alphabetical order). I've added links to the PDFs below:

  1. Allen v. Cooper (11th Amendment)
  2. Barr v. AAPC (1st Amendment)
  3. Bostock (Title VII, LGBT)
  4. Chiafalo v. Washington (Faithless Electors)
  5. DHS v. Regents (DACA)
  6. Espinoza (Free Exercise/Establishment Clause)
  7. June Medical (Abortion)
  8. Little Sisters of the Poor (Admin/RFRA)
  9. Mazars (Congressional presidential subpoenas)
  10. NYS Rifle & Pistol (Mootness, 2nd Amendment)
  11. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Free Exercise, Ministerial Exception)
  12. Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico (Appointments Clause)
  13. Rogers v. Grewal (2nd Amendment)
  14. Seila Law (Appointments Clause)
  15. Thuraissigiam (Suspension Clause)
  16. Vance (State presidential subpoenas)

Most terms, the Court decides 2 or 3 cases that warrant inclusion in a casebook. This term, about half of these cases will make it to the casebook. Our Fourth Edition is slated for publication in December 2021. Stay tuned!