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Dean Ward Farnsworth (U Texas Law) Guest-Blogging About Legal Writing


I'm delighted to report that Dean Ward Farnsworth of the University of Texas School of Law will be guest-blogging this week about his new book, Farnsworth's Classical English Style:


This book shows how to put life into your writing and your speech. Its lessons are illustrated with hundreds of examples from Lincoln, Churchill, and other masters of the language.

Classical English Style is the third book in this acclaimed series about principles of good writing. The first, Classical English Rhetoric, shows how ancient rhetorical figures can be used to great effect in English. The second, Classical English Metaphor, does the same for figurative comparisons. This book takes a similar approach to more basic questions of style: the selection of words, the arrangement of sentences, the creation of a cadence. All the volumes in Farnsworth's Classical English are a must for every writer.

"For writers aspiring to master the craft, Farnsworth shows how it's done. For lovers of language, he provides waves of sheer pleasure." ―Steven Pinker

"An eloquent study of the very mechanisms of eloquence." ―Henry Hitchings

"A great and edifying pleasure."―Mark Helprin

"A storehouse of effective writing, showing the techniques you may freely adapt to make music of your own." ―The Baltimore Sun

"Mr. Farnsworth has written an original and absorbing guide to English style. Get it if you can."―Wall Street Journal

I very much look forward to Dean Farnsworth's posts!