How Are Things? Better. Better Than Tomorrow, Of Course—Worse Than Yesterday


An old Communist-era joke from Poland (or at least that's how I heard it), which I was reminded about when talking to a fellow Russian emigre yesterday.

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  1. In Poland, it was said, nobody spoke Russian, but they all understood it.

  2. My favorite joke that came out of communism, said by factory workers: “We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us”.

  3. In Russia you do not eat bear, bear eats YOU!

  4. The movie “There’s Something About Mary” cribbed that line. When Ben Stiller asked Chris Elliott about married life, the latter replied, “Every day is better than the next.” What made it funny was that the line’s delivery suggested the opposite meaning.

  5. Today is much worse. Obama executive orders have the full force and effect of law. Trump can revoke them in theory, but the courts will keep delaying the effect until we have a Democrat as president.
    This is tyranny. And Trump is not the tyrant. We have a ruling elite that controls both political parties and enough of the judges to have prevent the non-elites from revoking elitist policies. This will not end well. The law is just sophistry; it will no longer protect us. A firestorm is coming. It will be awful. Many of us will probably not live to see the end of it. I know I probably won’t.

    1. This is tyranny. And Trump is not the tyrant. We have a ruling elite that controls both political parties and enough of the judges

      How is Trump not an elite?

      When you start channeling Huey Long, maybe check yourself.

      1. No politician can claim to not be a member of the elite. Even Bernie, with his two million dollar houses, is part of the elite. Think AOC is not elite? Guess again.

        Trump was an outsider of the elite. They wouldn’t let him into The Stonecutters, but even if he loses re-election he is going to land on his feet just like any other elite.

      2. First of all, I was way off topic. I missed that this was a thread about jokes.
        Second, just because you are rich does not mean you are part of the ruling elite. The entire ruling elite is opposed to Trump. If he gets reelected, it will be because the real proletariats out here are sick and tired of the elites and we are happy to have a demon monster like Trump stir the elites up.
        Trump will land on his feet; the rich usually do. However, it is possible that the next Dem administration will break whatever laws they can in order to destroy him financially and practically.

        1. Wow, Lindsay Graham is opposed to Trump? I guess so, if you ignore everything he has said and everything he has done over the past 3+ years. Marco Rubio is opposed to Trump? Maybe, if you ignore 99.46% of what he has said and done over the past 3+ years.
          Justice Kavanaugh is opposed to Trump? Um, sure.
          Trump grew up being pampered and coddled by his super-rich dad. Trump avoided military service by faking an injury and had the juice to get doctors to back him up. Got away with multiple sexual assaults. Used bankruptcy laws to screw over countless other people. Defrauded thousands more with a fake ‘university.’

          You excluding Trump from the ruling class (even as president, which is mind-blowing!!!) seems like the ultimate game of Pin The Tail on the True Scotsman.

          1. Your comment only shows that you have no idea who the ruling class is.

  6. From the American Anti-Communist era comes “If a kidnapper wishes to gain the confidence of a child to entice her into an automobile for dreadful purposes he does not give a long lecture about what will happen after she gets into the automobile. He gives her candy to win her confidence. The candy he gives is not bitter or poisoned candy, for the sweeter and better the candy, the greater the likelihood that the child will get into the automobile. ”

    That’s from the back cover of the [somewhat rambling] book entitled “You Can Trust The Communists” (at ). The short book is interesting reading.

  7. We don’t actually know what tomorrow will be like; we haven’t seen tomorrow’s Supreme Court orders list yet.

  8. To conservatives, it appears, modern America is a blistering hellscape, with every day made worse than its predecessor by all of this damned progress.

    Reason, tolerance, science, modernity, education, inclusiveness — when and where will this end?

    1. Heh. The Party that gave us intersectionality, doxxing and cancel culture, fears of GMOs and vaccines, regulations that prevent us from using nuclear power (among other things), grievance studies, and separate graduation ceremonies divided by race is supposed to be the party of reason, tolerance, science, modernity, education, and inclusiveness!

      When will this end? When we defeat the Leftists among the Democrats. Where? So far, it’s been “red” States, but who knows? Maybe all those places rioting and burning down police stations and black-owned businesses and black communities because of systemic racism will suddenly wake up, look at their city councils, their mayors, their police chiefs, their prosecutors, their governors, their Senators, and their Representatives, and they’ll say to themselves “You know, we’ve been voting in these Democrats for decades with hardly a Republican in sight, and while they’ve been promising an end to racism, racism only seems to get worse. Maybe they’re the racists!”

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