Houston Federalist Society Chapter Meets on Zoom: Public Health Restrictions in the Time of Pandemics

Judge Dan Hinde explains the role of Texas courts during times of pandemics


Today, the Houston Federalist Society Chapter held is inaugural Zoom meeting. Judge Dan Hinde discussed how Texas law handles quarantine issues. For example, Texas courts grant a jury trial in all quarantine-related cases. How can a person with Tuberculosis, for example, be admitted to a courtroom? Would he sit in the witness box? Near the court reporter? Judge Hinde presided during the H1N1 outbreak a few years ago. He had some excellent stories. The talk was fascinating.

You can watch the video here, and download Judge Hinde's slides.

The Zoom meeting was fairly efficient. People were able to participate from their smart phones, their laptops, and by dialing into a conference call line. I hope other lawyers groups use Zoom to offer continuing education credits during his difficult time.