Bleg for Vermont Local Counsel

Vermont Surpeme Court case this week


Would any lawyers admitted in Vermont be interested in serving as local counsel for an amicus brief to be filed Friday in the Vermont Supreme Court?

The case is State v. Misch, and involves a facial challenge to a recent ban on standard magazines over 10 rounds. The brief will address the legal history of the right to arms in Vermont.

If you are interested, please email me at:

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  1. Wow — Vermont apparently has gone to the dark side.

    Vermont, where the rich leftists from NYC (including Bernie Sanders) bought out the dirt-poor Yankees and leftism prevailed, never used to have *any* gun control laws. This is, after all, a state in which cows outnumber people (seriously).


    1. It’s true. I grew up in Vermont. We had next to no gun laws and not much gun-related crime either. That’s because it was civilized and people didn’t go around shooting each other.

      1. Vermont also is mostly rural, and is only 1.4% a non-politically correct thing to say.

      2. Hypothesis 1: Lack of gun laws created no problems because Vermonters were already civilized.
        Hypothesis 2: Lack of gun laws encouraged Vermonters to be (or remain) civilized.

        Given that Vermonters have the same statistical distribution of mental illness as the rest of the country, I’m going to suggest that the data favors hypothesis 2. Though as mad points out below, the rural nature of Vermont also plays a large role.

  2. VT has been on the darkside for decades. The btv-montpelier-waitsfield strip make the majority of the political decisions.

    Background on this stupid law, like any other blue state, the progressives were waiting for any excuse to push against the gun laws. So when a teenager mentioned to a friend that he had thought about shooting some of the people at the school he used to go to -thought about. Didn’t plan. Didn’t have have a weapon. The ‘friend’ he spoke to, instead of talking to his parents, spoke to yhe most readonable, level-headed, collected sorts. Teachers. Because, teachers never overreact. And, overreact they did. School lockdown, police, massive freakout culminating in progressive masturbatory fantasy, curtailing of rights. Not, investigation, examination of situation, place the young man under observation & in counseling. Individual accountability, fuck that. He didn’t have a gun, or ‘high capacity magazines’ but tabernac, this is surely the moment to make the law in our image… and punish everyone who votes for the issues we don’t like.

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