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@UnsealieCourt, a New Twitter Feed for News About Public Access to Court Records

(and perhaps to other government records).


I've been researching this subject for several years now, and I've litigated about a dozen such cases, from California and Washington to Florida and Vermont (no Maine yet). I often blog about such matters, and now I've set up a special feed, @UnsealieCourt (pardon the pun, if it is pardonable), for news updates on the subject.

I hope to make this a practically useful and interesting resource, focused on noteworthy new developments (or fun older items that I had come across). I naturally have my opinions on the subject, which lean in favor of open access, but I expect the posts to be mostly about facts rather than opinions.

If you're interested in this, perhaps because you're a journalist or a blogger or a lawyer who deals with such matters, please follow, and please comment and respond!