"Hollywood Has the Best Moral Compass," Said …


Some people have, for mysterious reasons, recalled this phrase from 2009, so I thought I'd repost what I posted about it then. Had I but known, I could have been even snider (especially since the context was a petition supporting Roman Polanski).

"Hollywood Has the Best Moral Compass,

because it has compassion…. We were the people who did the fundraising telethon for the victims of 9/11. We were there for the victims of Katrina and any world catastrophe." So says studio co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, as quoted by the L.A. Times. Well, all right then. From now, I'll just defer to the movie industry for all my moral judgments. Because, you know, all those telethons.

Thanks to Patterico and InstaPundit for the pointer.

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  1. Not a fan of Harvey Weinstein? Or Roman Polanski?

    No comment about (former) Judge Kozinski, though?

    Nothing to say about Pres. Trump?

    This is entirely consistent with a vivid record of incessant ankle-nipping aimed at strong liberal-libertarian schools while providing a partisan pass to conservative-controlled campuses.


    1. Which would you rather watch, Chinatown or Celebrity Apprentice?

      1. Celebrity Apprentice: The Biggest Pond On the Planet is off the charts popular with the left.

        1. I mean you think 1 hour of Talking Dead a week is pretentious, Celebrity Apprentice: The Biggest League has half a dozen channels that devote the entire evening every day to discussing it.

          1. I guess I’m missing out, I never even heard of it. Since “Justified” finished up, I pretty much just watch sports.

    2. As typical, this fart-huffing dilettante misses the point.

      The pedophile and the serial rapist claim to have best moral compass. Trump has never, to my knowledge, made that claim.

      What a dumbass

      1. Darth does make a fair point. Trump has claimed to know more about military strategy than our generals. More about climate change than scientists. That he knows all the big words. That he knows about windmills’ effects on cancer rates. But he has, as far as I know, *never* made claims that his moral compass is better than other people. You gotta give the devil his due. Grudgingly, perhaps.

      2. “I think I am a great moral leader” — Donald J. Trump, November 7, 2018, at a White House news conference

        Other than that, great comment! Are you auditioning to be Prof. Volokh’s next pick for Conspirator?

        1. I note you didn’t dispute the fart-huffing charge.

          1. I figured those responsible for administering the Volokh Conspiracy’s ostensible and claimed civility standards would handle that point. How is that project coming along?

            1. I look forward to the day.

    3. While I can’t fault Prof. Volokh for largely ignoring the posts that either

      1. Complain about a failure to cover a particular story or
      2. Are made by Arthur Kirkland

      I actually would be genuinely interested in hearing any thoughts he might have to share about Judge Kozinski.

    4. I don’t fault EV for keeping his views on the Kozinski allegations to himself. I don’t expect anyone to volunteer commentary (other than a robust defense) on the alleged scandalous behavior of a friend or loved one. I certainly wouldn’t.

      1. Prof. Volokh gives a vivid pass to movement conservatives — is Trump a “friend or loved one”? or are the conservative-controlled colleges he disregards while criticizing their betters? — while incessantly sniping at his political adversaries. The partisan polemics are shabby; the silence concerning Prof. Kozinski is cowardly.

        1. I explained why I find nothing cowardly about his silence on Kozinski, so agree to disagree.

          EV is a conservative. You and I are liberals. Everybody’s something. IMO, the expressions of EV’s political bias are refreshingly few and far between. “[I]ncessantly sniping at his political adversaries?” You and I are reading different blogs.

    5. What a schmuck.

      1. Poorly educated bigots and disaffected clingers tend to dislike me.

  2. It’s sort of like fraternities – hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault – but they do all these cool fundraisers on campus! So it’s all good!

  3. Hollywood’s moral compass is no worse than that of Trump and his supporters.

    1. Depends on the topic, I suppose. I wouldn’t trust Trump or a Hollywood agent alone with my daughter, but reasonable persons can disagree after that I think.

      1. Well we did trust an actor with the presidency, and it worked out great.

        Now we’ve got a reality TV star in the Whitehouse, and he’s blowing the doors off all expectations.

        But deciding that’s a rule is like hitting on 00 on the roulette table and letting it ride.

        1. “he’s blowing the doors off all expectations”

          Not in the way you mean it.

      2. No doubt there are people in Hollywood just as bad as Trump.

        But not all of them.

        1. Not all of them. Not many of them. Not most of them.

  4. Hollywood is indeed pretty ridiculous and full of unwarranted self-regard.

    This quote from Weinstein doesn’t prove much about anyone who isn’t Weinstein though. Even within Hollywood Weinstein is and was pretty remarkable for his outsized ego. Anyone check out the Catch & Kill podcast?

    1. Didn’t you see the opening monologue for the Golden Globes recently?

      It says a lot about Hollywood, because everyone there knew the way Weinstein worked and played along with it, and not just Weinstein, but others. They all went along to get along. It also show how hypocritical the movie industry is, on whole.

      That said, what Weinstein did (show me your hole, you get your role) was immoral, but that’s about it. We will see how the rape allegations play out though.

      1. Maybe read up on things a bit before you assume Hollywood just generally worked with Weinstein so closely.

        1. Weinstein most thanked person at Oscars 1993-2016

          Why are you so intent on defending Weinstein and Hollywood?

          1. It seems like they thanked him alot outside of the Oscars as well.

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