Welcome to Prof. Mark Movsesian (St. John's)!


I'm delighted to report that Prof. Mark Movsesian (St. John's) is joining us as a co-blogger. Mark is especially knowledgeable on law and religion, including (unlike me) the religion side and not just the law side. He is also the cohost of the Legal Spirits podcast, and coauthor of the Law & Religion Forum, where he will of course continue to post as well. Welcome, Mark!

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  1. I suppose at least for now he’s the sole representative.

      1. s/sole/soul/

        Sorry 🙂

        1. Aha! Got it, thanks.

  2. Perhaps Prof. Mark Movsesian, given his area of expertise, can weigh in on Blaine Amendments and Montana, as Somin has recently.

  3. Wild hunches (OK, based on plenty of experience):





    Federalist Society.

    Whines about our strongest liberal-libertarian schools not emulating fourth-tier conservative-controlled campuses by hiring more movement conservatives for faculties.

    Proponent of the heads-we-win-tails-you-lose (religious claimants have limitless special privilege as sword and shield; we can discriminate against others but no one can discriminate against us even in the context of generally applicable laws) approach to religious claims.

    Part of the Olin-Heritage-Koch-Bradley-Hoover-Federalist-ALEC-Family Research orbit.

    Opus Dei is maybe 50-50.

    Welcome aboard. I hope you are a positive addition.

    1. I guess that was a “bingo.”

  4. Welcome, Prof. Movsesian. I’m looking forward to your posts; as a product of a Jesuit and Christian Brothers education, I welcome more on religion and the law.

  5. Prof. Movsesian, I was going to bring this article to Prof. Volokh’s attention, but since we’re here, you might find it interesting, and perhaps something to blog about:

    Godless Liberal Law Professors Are Training Future Lawyers
    POSTED BY: JOHN F. BANZHAF JAN 17, 2020, 11:50 AM


    1. “Godless?”

      Competent adults neither advance nor accept superstition-based arguments in reasoned debate, particularly with respect to public affairs.

      (Clingers, though, can’t get enough of them, because to them “just because” is a perfectly good argument. Also, relatively few clingers have educational degrees, let alone advanced degrees or legitimate educations. They tend toward homeschooling and backwater religious schooling rather than toward our strongest educational institutions.)

    2. I read this. Here’s an interesting excerpt:

      For example, while individuals who are Jewish make up only about 2% of the general population, a whopping 19.8% of law professors who identify with a religion – almost 5 times as many – say they are Jewish.

      Does Banzhaf, not to mention whoever edits that site, have a little problem with arithmetic?

      Nowhere does he explain what’s wrong with having a godless professor teach law. Note that, in contrast to his claims, this is far from the same thing as having black and Hispanic students or teachers. Minority members bring the actual experience of living as a minority to the table. A religious professor, at least one who adheres to a popular religion, can only bring a set of arbitrary beliefs, which is very far from the same thing.

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