Extraordinary Jewish Chronicle Front Page Editorial Opposing Jeremy Corbyn

The Chronicle says that a vote for Corbyn is a vote for racism against Jews


To understand why the editorial below (you can read the text here) is so extraordinary, one needs to take into account three things: (1) For most of the party's history, British Jews voted in large majorities for the Labour Party; (2) The British Jewish community tends to be, collectively, quiet and reserved, to "keep its head down," so to speak, and not call attention to itself; and (3) the Jewish Chronicle is about as mainstream and staid a newspaper as there is.

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  1. Professor Bernstein…I have been watching the rise of Corbyn-ism for a number of years now. Truly frightening. This man dresses up his antisemitism in velvet tones….but it is wrong and disgusting no matter how you look at it.

    It is not an accident that Jewish emigration from France and Great Britain is on the rise.

  2. Any reason why an American non-Jew should care?

    1. Beats me. European governments being taken over by antisemitic parties and individuals has never had any bad consequences for other people before.

      1. So, no, then?

        1. Don’t worry James. We got it covered for now. The one thing learned after last time Jews dealt with this is self reliance.

          I don’t know if Corbyn is another Oswald Mosley. Perhaps he is close to that.

          Met a guy online in a forum. We had our share of true anti semites. He was a Brit non Jewish. When one of those anti Semitic guys started up he would just trash them. Turns out his father was a vet who liberated one of the camps. Something his dad said. You don’t walk away from that without scars.

          Interesting my father in law z”l was being marched out of Auschwitz near the end. He was shot trying to escape. He was found by British troops a few days later. Good lads the Brits.

          So no worries. It will not come to that. Not again.

          1. The core problem I’m having starts when the antisemitism discussion begins by assuming that being critical of Israel = starting up concentration camps.

  3. Of course Bernstein didn’t say that, nor did the editorial he links to.

    Rather, both accuse Corbyn of antisemitism for other reasons, good ones IMO.

    1. My last comment intended as a response to James Pollock’s 8:10.

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