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Checks and Balances Updates

A statement on the Mueller Report and other things


Last fall, I joined a group of conservative and libertarian lawyers to form Checks and Balances to speak out in defense of constitutional governance, traditional legal norms and the rule of law.

I have not blogged much about organization's activities and efforts here, as I've figured those who are interested could check out the C&B website or Twitter feed.

That said, I figured some may be interested in the statement several of us issued on April 23 on the Mueller report.

In addition, C&B members Donald Ayer, Stuart Gerson, and Paul Rosenzweig wrote this op-ed for USA Today explaining how the Mueller Report's contents demonstrate the extent of the President's contempt for the rule of law (and the role of lawyers).

For more, check out the @chkbal feed and C&B website.