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Free Speech Rules


Free Speech Rules is a series of short, graphical videos explaining free speech law. It's written by Prof. Eugene Volokh (UCLA School of Law), with graphics and voice by Reason.TV and in particular by Austin Bragg and Meredith Bragg, and supported by a generous grant from the Stanton Foundation. The plan is to have 10 videos released by late 2019; 5 have been released so far:

Our future videos will likely include:

  • Free speech at colleges and universities.
  • Free speech and privacy.
  • Free speech on government property.
  • Alexander Hamilton: free speech pioneer.

Watch this page for more releases, and as we always say:

This is not legal advice; if it were legal advice, it would be followed by a bill.

We gladly grant you permission to publicly play this video (for instance, for your class or your group, or on your web page or TV program), so long as you give credit to Free Speech Rules. We're also delighted if anyone links to our videos, or forwards links (though you don't need our permission for that). But please don't modify the videos without our permission.

Thanks to Prof. Joel Gora (Brooklyn Law School) for suggesting the title for the series, and to Prof. Mark Lemley (Stanford Law School) for letting us use his "if this were legal advice" joke.

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