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Neomi Rao's Letter to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Clarifications and regrets.


Neomi Rao sent a letter today to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary detailing her views on the topic of sexual assault and rape. It reads in part:

"Sexual assault in all its forms, including date rape, is abhorrent. Responsibility for the rape is with the rapist. I believed that as a college student and continue to believe that today. No woman or man should be subject to sexual violence, regardless of the clothes they wear or how much alcohol they consumed. Non-consensual sexual activity is never appropriate or excusable. Victims should not be blamed for the terrible things that have happened to them. As a society we should create an environment where survivors feel empowered and comfortable coming forward. I am sorry for anything in my college writings to the contrary."

In my original post on this topic, I had stated that it would have been helpful had she corrected the record before it became politically salient. She writes in the letter:

"I have not written or spoken about issues of rape or sexual assault since college. If I were to address these issues now, I would have more empathy and perspective. Since I started law school, my research and writing has focused on the law, particularly constitutional law, separation of powers, and administrative law. My non-academic writing usually examines legal issues related to my scholarship or government service, not topics outside my expertise."

Thank you to the law prof who sent me the link!