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Orlando-Area Lawyer Interested in Pro Bono Unsealing Case?

I'm trying to get access to the papers in an Orange County (Florida) case in which someone got a a restraining order that he is using to try to get online criticism deindexed by Google.


If any of our readers might be interested in being pro bono local counsel on this, that would be great; please e-mail me at volokh at and I'll be glad to offer more details. The case appears to be sealed—at least according to a clerk's office—simply because it's a restraining order case and therefore a "family law" case, though I think that's not consistent with Florida law or First Amendment law. (For whatever it's worth, the order does not arise out of a family dispute, but rather a dispute between online activists.) My plan would be to work with a student on a motion to unseal, but I'd need someone to be local counsel, offer procedural advice, and possibly argue the motion orally, if the court sets oral argument. Please let me know if you're interested.