Neomi Rao Is Indeed a First-Rate Pick for the D.C. Circuit

Jonathan beat me to posting about this, but I agree entirely with his post.


Our Internet service at home failed last night, so we were living without Internet—like animals! Jonathan therefore beat me to posting about Neomi Rao's nomination to the D.C. Circuit, but I very much agree with his post praising her. I too have known Rao for many years (nearly 20) and have always been very much impressed with both her intellect and her temperament; and of course her credentials are just superb. She will make a first-rate D.C. Circuit judge; I'd have said more, except Jonathan has already said it all.

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  1. Jonathan has already said it all

    Prof. Adler also is reported to have said that conservative professors who have refrained from speaking against the ‘vindictive’ Trump administration have engaged in that appeasement consequent to careerism and fear of retaliation.

    Checks And Balances, anyone?

  2. I hesitate to disagree with the judgment of men I respect so deeply, Professors Adler and Volokh.

    However, if I may suggest two minor criticisms:
    1. The nominee’s name contains too few consonants.
    2. Given the prevalence of vowels in her name, she seems to lack sufficient commitment to diversity, a flaw she could address by adding a ‘u’. Additionally, perhaps she could sometimes add a ‘y’ or?obviously with less frequency?a ‘w’.

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