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"Principal Reportedly Asks Student to Remove Shirt with President's Name"


Tom Woerner (Dunn, N.C. Daily Record) reports:

Mike Collins said his son, Matthew, was participating in "USA America Night" Friday night [at a Harnett Central High School football game] which prompted him to wear a shirt with an American flag and the Statue of Liberty on the front. The shirt had the name Trump on the back with the number 45 on it. The shirt is similar to jerseys worn by athletes….

Mr. Collins said … Harnett Central Principal Cindy Gordon … told Matthew other parents in the crowd were upset by the Trump shirt.

Mrs. Gordon told Matthew he would have to change shirts if he wanted to remain at the game….

Of course, keep in mind the "reportedly" in the title of the post (quoted from the Daily Record subtitle). The story quotes Harnett County School Board Chairman Bill Morris as saying that "The superintendent is conducting an investigation and he is handling it internally," and that "At this point we have no further comment." The Principal and Superintendent apparently did not get back to the newspaper by press time.