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Katherine Mangu-Ward and I Podcasting About Crime-Facilitating Speech

My first foray into podcasting here at Reason, a discussion with Reason editor Katherine Mangu-Ward.


Here's how Katherine describes this:

In today's episode of the Reason Podcast, Volokh Conspirator and UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh ponders the question: What is the difference between this month's edition of Reason magazine and The Anarchist Cookbook?

He and I wade elbow-deep into some juicy questions about "crime-facilitating speech" (a term coined by Volokh in a 2005 paper), how it applies to Reason's Burn After Reading issue, and other questions of journalistic ethics. The podcast also digs into hypotheticals about source protection, white-hat hacking, national security, doxxing, and whether it's legit to flash your headlights to warn fellow drivers about an upcoming speed trap.

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