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Never Turn Things Over to a Law Professor

Big trouble for Italy now.


CNN (Hilary Clarke & Lauren Said-Moorhouse) report:

Italy's populist parties have tapped a political unknown to become prime minister and lead a new coalition government.

Giuseppe Conte, a law professor with no political experience, emerged as the frontrunner on Monday as Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, the League leader, met separately with President Sergio Mattarella at Quirinal Palace in Rome.

A law professor? (Note that, while Presidents Clinton and Obama had taught law before their political careers began, their primary pre-Presidential careers had been as elected executive or legislative officials: state Attorney General and Governor in Clinton's case, and state Senator and U.S. Senator in Obama's.)

And, for fans of Roman history, think of it as the passage from the ivory tower to the ivory chair (though I don't think modern Rome uses those any more).