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"Female Students" "May See Their Grades Raised One Level or Two"

That was the plan of a University of Akron professor, because of "the national movement to encourage women students to go into information sciences"; fortunately, the University blocked this.


Fox 8 Cleveland (Adrienne DiPiazza) has the story, with some more details at Campus Reform (Grace Gottschling); here's the e-mail, as quoted by Fox 8:

Rex Ramsier, the Provost of the university put out a statement in response:

The University has verified that there were no adjustments to grades based upon the gender of individuals in the class. While the professor's stated intention of encouraging female students to go into the information sciences field may be laudable, his approach as described in his email was clearly unacceptable. The University of Akron follows both the law and its policies and does not discriminate on the basis of sex. The professor in question has been advised accordingly, and he has reaffirmed his commitment to adhering to these strict standards.

Thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer.