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Extra Twist in the Arkansas Prior Restraint Case

"A northwest Arkansas judge who ordered that attack ads critical of Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson be taken off the air this week reported receiving [over $12,500 of] income, through his wife, from the law firm of Goodson’s husband."

So reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (John Moritz) about Judge Doug Martin; the $12,500 is a minimum figure -- the required disclosure reports don't give a specific amount but only indicate that the amount exceeds $12,500.

For more on the almost certainly unconstitutional injunction issued by Judge Martin, see this post.

UPDATE: There's more from The Arkansas Project (Mark Kilmer).

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  • ReaderY||

    I notice there's been no new update on the progress of the case. Why didn't the broadcasters attempt a writ of mandamus or similar extraordinary ex parte relief, assuming going the regular route will take things past the election?

  • Eugene Volokh||

    They apparently challenged it today, see, though I had expected to do that more quickly. I haven't blogged an update because I haven't yet had a chance to get their papers.

  • DiaWatson||

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