Prof. Kevin Walsh Guest-Blogging on the Proposed Amendment to Repeal the Natural-Born Citizen Requirement


I'm delighted to report that Prof. Kevin Walsh (Richmond) will be guest-blogging this week about the natural-born citizenship requirement for the Presidency (and Vice-Presidency) and why it should be repealed. Prof. Walsh is a prolific constitutional law scholar, and as it happens a different article of his (Partial Unconstitutionality) has just been cited by Justice Thomas's concurrence in today's Murphy v. NCAA; I much look forward to his posts on this new subject.

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  1. Think I’d rather repeal the birthright citizenship clause, to make clear that your parents being here illegally or as tourists doesn’t mean squat towards citizenship, you have to have at least one parent who is a legal resident.

    We’re just not in that desperate need of foreign born Presidents, but anchor babies are a real problem.

  2. AIUI, the problme is the definition of “natural born”. The alternative I like is “must have been a resident of the US for 40 years”.

    As far as immigration limits, why any? I’d expand it to allow anyone who has lived here starting at less than 10 years old.

  3. All of essay writers like his speech. So we are waiting for it!

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