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You Fiend—You Used Google Street View in Committing Your Crime!

A 2010 Louisiana statute calls for an extra year in prison if you use such an atrocious tactic.


I just came across this Louisiana law, enacted in 2010:

When an Internet, virtual, street-level map is used in the commission of a criminal offense against a person or against property, an additional sentence for a period of not less than one year shall be imposed. The additional penalty imposed pursuant to this Subsection shall be served consecutively with the sentence imposed for the underlying offense.

"Internet, virtual, street-level map" means any map or image that contains the picture or pictures of homes, buildings, or people that are taken and dispensed, electronically, over the Internet or by a computer network, where the picture can be accessed by entering the address of the home, building, or person.

Oh, and if you use it "in the commission or attempted commission of an act of terrorism, as is defined in R.S. 14:100.12(1)," that's ten extra years for you—you're not just a terrorist, you're a super-evil Google-Street-View-using terrorist.

Yes, as you might gather, I do think this is an odd reason to enhance a criminal's sentence.