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Just realized: Reason now has two blogs named after crimes

Hit & Run and Volokh Conspiracy -- totally an accident, I assure you ....

Not only that, but one of my sons has just started learning fencing.

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  • Neutral Source||

    You son is learning how to be an arbitrageur in the illegally procured jewelry market?

  • Eugene Volokh||

    Apparently so.

  • Aloysious|| of my sons has just started learning fencing.


  • ThePublius||

    It's a shame the word "conspiracy" is almost always defined as wrong. I can imagine contexts where folks conspire to do something that is a civil wrong, a crime, but morally acceptable or correct, as in a the overthrow of a totalitarian regime.

  • Nick Gillespie's Jacket||

    Since there are only a few comments here (and since I'm new to, but have been following VC at WaPo and the old site), I'm going to ask a few questions about the set up here. Thanks for any info others can provide.

    1. Is there a way to view the comments newest first? (I'm using Google Chrome at the moment.)
    2. Will the posts and comments that were made on WaPo remain archived there, or even better, be brought over here (I'm sure that's wishful thinking)?
    3. Just confirming that there's no "Like" button here that I'm missing or something, and thus no "Top Comments" or "Most Liked" viewing options. (Does anyone remember if there was a "like" option at the original VC? I can't remember.)


  • Warren||

    1. No FYTW
    2. No FYTW
    3. No FYTW

    Welcome to Reason.

  • Rossami||

    4. Is there a way to collapse replies? For example, if I can see by the top comment that I'm not interested in a particular thread, is there a way to bypass all the replies and go to the next top-comment?
    5. Something weird is going on with the link to the Archives. A few minutes ago, I clicked the link for the 2004-14 archives and it worked fine. Wanted to look more deeply at an article and used NoScript to allow javascript on the page temporarily. Now, any attempt to get to any page on the old site gets me immediately redirected here. Those archives have become inaccessible. (The even older archives still work, though.)

  • Rossami||

    Update on #5. Traced it to something coming from If you allow scripts from that site (or don't block them in the first place), you get auto-redirected and can't get back to the archives until you find and kill that script.

    And answering, #3, yes there used to be a "like" function on the old

  • David Nieporent||

    Well, the old went through several different commenting systems, including Disqus. That one had likes, but not every system did.

  • Morbo||

    No. With Reason's comment section, what you see is what you get. I.e., not much.

    There is a Google Chrome extension called reasonable that makes using the comment section more pleasant. There used to be an equivalent for Firefox called fascr, but it no longer works for Firefox 57.0 and newer, and the developer doesn't plan on updating it. It should still work if you're using Firefox 52.0 Extended Support Release, though.

  • Eugene Volokh||

    #5. That's a glitch stemming from our old MediaTemple-hosted site not handling .htaccess as I expected it to -- I added a line reading

    Redirect /index.php

    to that file, but instead of just redirecting /index.php, it redirects everything. Any ideas?

  • Eugene Volokh||

    OK, should be fixed now.

  • Drewski||

    Seems appropriate. We're pretty close to the point at which reason itself becomes a crime.

  • Diversionary Maenad||

    We could brainstorm titles for a blog that constitutes a 'third strike'.

  • Bramblyspam||

    I'd go with "Indecent Exposure".

  • Stormy Dragon||

    If Balko comes back, I suggest his blog be named "Aggravated Assault" in honor of his nutpunching ability.

  • An Innocent Man||

    Good fences make good neighbors. 'Cause they can get you stuff cheap.

  • PenrodJ||

    Barbed wire or white picket?

  • Pereours||

    Some people take up fencing when they're just tired of getting the point.


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