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Blitzkrieg to sitzkrieg to twitzkrieg


Professor Mark Liberman (Language Log) points to a line in a a Foreign Policy article by Jeffrey Lewis, referring to "the months-long twitzkrieg between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump." As Liberman notes, there's also the fairly well-known "sitzkrieg, itself a play on blitzkrieg ('lighting war') used to describe the situation between Britain and France's 9/1939 declaration of war on Germany and the start of actual hostilities in 5/1940."

Unsurprisingly, others had had this idea before, whether as to then-candidate Trump (2016), as to critical crowds of Twitter users (2013), and as to strategic—even if friendly—use of Twitter more generally (2010), or in a few other contexts as well. Still, it was fresh enough that I thought I'd mention it.