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Haiti Senate passes bill that would ban 'public demonstration of support for homosexuality'


From Agence France-Presse:

[The bill] called for banning "any public demonstration of support for homosexuality and proselytizing in favour of such acts." … The bill now goes to the Chamber of Deputies for debate, though its passage into law is all but certain.

The bill would also allow criminal punishment of "the parties, co-parties and accomplices" to a same-sex marriage, with punishments of up to three years in prison and a fine of about $8,000. Same-sex marriages are already not legally recognized in Haiti, but the bill would apparently criminalize even going through a same-sex marriage ceremony—and of course (returning to my first point) would interfere even with attempts to change people's minds about such questions, since such attempts would involve "public demonstration of support for homosexuality." Very bad, whether or not you ultimately agree that the state should legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Thanks to Theodore Shulman for the pointer.