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Introduction to "Eminent Domain: A Comparative Perspective" now available on SSRN


The Introduction to my new book Eminent Domain: A Comparative Perspective, is now available for free at the SSRN website. The Introduction summarizes the rest of the book, and describes the common analytical framework used by the contributors.

This week, several contributors to the book have been guest-blogging here at the Volokh Conspiracy. My post introducing the book and the guest-bloggers is here. Hojun Lee has written a post on controversies over eminent domain in South Korea (which helped inspire him and the Korean Development Institute to organize the symposium that led to the book). Hans-Bernd Schäfer describes a potential drawback of increasing compensation for owners of condemned property. Earlier today, Yun-chien Chang wrote about Taiwan's use of "big data" to improve its compensation system.

Later in the week, I will put up a post discussing the US experience with eminent domain, and its possible implications for other countries.