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Need an amicus brief in your First Amendment case, due this March 31 or later?


The Scott & Cyan Banister First Amendment Clinic that I run is in full swing for the spring—my students and I are working on cases before the California, Illinois, Iowa, and Mississippi supreme courts this month, and we have several cases lined up for the remaining eight slots (four slots for briefs due March 31 or thereabouts and four more due April 30 or later). But we still have a few slots open, especially for briefs due April 30 or later but probably also for at least one brief due March 31 or so. (Given the briefing schedules, one can't plan these cases too far in advance.)

So please let me know at volokh at

  1. If you are litigating a case involving free speech or religious freedom—whether a constitutional case or one dealing with related statutes (e.g., ones involving anti-SLAPP statutes, journalist's privileges, copyright fair use, and the like),
  2. in any state or federal court,
  3. at any level (supreme, intermediate appellate, or even trial, if the trial court accepts amicus briefs),
  4. and you can use an amicus brief that would be due March 31 or later.