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DC Film Society talk on the politics of "Star Wars"



This Thursday, at 7 PM, I will be giving a talk on "The Politics of Star Wars" for the DC Film Society, here in Washington, DC. The event is free and open to the public. Location and other details here. As I will explain in the talk, several political issues raised in the Star Wars series are highly relevant to recent real-world events, most notably the fragility of liberal democracy, and the dangers of widespread voter ignorance.

This talk will be held the night before the official US release date of Star Wars: Rogue One. It will be over by about 8:15, so you can still catch an early showing of Rogue One afterwards on the same night. I look forward to meeting any Volokh Conspiracy readers who come!

I previously discussed the politics of Star Wars in this podcast last year, and at an event devoted to Cass Sunstein's book The World According to Star Wars (video here). In June, I reviewed Sunstein's book at the Jotwell website.