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Constitutional plot twists


Time's Ryan Teague Beckwith has some interesting ideas for legal plot twists that Hollywood might consider. A sample:

Article III, Section 1

Suggested title: Good Behaviour

Suggested plot: After her husband dies, a Supreme Court justice goes through a midlife crisis, doing Jell-O shots with her law clerks, attending Burning Man and going on endless Tinder dates.

Dream casting: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The constitutional background: Article III, Section 1. The Constitution grants lifetime tenure to Supreme Court justices and other federal judges, noting only that they "shall hold their offices during good Behaviour."

What scholars think: "The Court is not really very dramatic," Wexler told TIME in an email. "I've always thought … that the way to go with a TV show about the Court is comedy. A Veep for the Court, in other words."

Spoiler alert: Only one Supreme Court Justice has ever been impeached, but he was acquitted in the Senate.

Read More: [Jay] Wexler's novel, Tuttle in the Balance, explores this very scenario. (He'd like us to note that film rights are still available.)