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Just filed a week ago (Nov. 22): Franklin v. Trump, where President-elect Donald Trump is sued partly because he "promised to Repeal Obama care" and "also promised to deport the illegal aliens" but "has not yet repealed Obama care nor deported illegals."

Of more personal concern to me, Trump is also faulted for "fail[ing] to mention the fact that his wife is a born Communist from Russia and not entitled to live in the White House" ("a form of espionage/treason"). Hey, when my wife is elected president, I should be totally entitled to live in the White House, even if I was born in what was then essentially the Russian Empire. (I'm from Kiev, now in the Ukraine, but if Slovenia is Russia, then surely Kiev is.) I'm not a born Communist, Mr. Franklin—really I'm not!

The remedies sought by Mr. Franklin: execution (by hanging) of President Donald Trump for treason, plus two trillion dollars.