First Skynet came for the lionfish …


CNN (Kieron Monks) reports:

Since arriving in US waters in the 1980s, [lionfish] have left a trail of destruction along the Atlantic Coast, from Rhode Island to Venezuela.…

As so-called "apex predators" they sit at the top of the food chain, unthreatened by any other creature. They breed rapidly, and are extremely resilient and adaptable. No solution has been found to control their advance yet, but conservationists could soon have a new tool at their disposal: killer robots.

Okay, the post title was just the obvious joke; sounds like a good idea—and maybe a delicious idea. "The best way to eliminate a species is if humans eat it," says Robots in Service of the Environment Executive Director John Rizzi. On the other hand, wait! RISE? Of the machines?

Thanks to Ricochet's Daily Shot for the pointer.