Colorful country names: A geography puzzle


Prince Consort Henrik is shown during a visit with Queen Margrethe (not pictured) to Greenland on July 16. The Danish royal couple was on a visit to the country last month. "Greenland" would be an answer to the question in this post, if it weren't for that whole Danish thing. (Linda Kastrup/European Pressphoto Agency)

Which independent countries' names stem, at least in part, from the name of a color, in any language? To give examples from U.S. states (which aren't included in the question, since I'm talking here about countries), Colorado stems from the Spanish word for "red," and Vermont stems in part from the French word for "green"; likewise, Greenland would of course qualify, if it were independent.

Note that I wouldn't include a name like Argentina, which is based on the Spanish word for "silver," because it stems from the metal, not the color; likewise for Cote D'Ivoire. Nor would I include names that just so happen to coincide with color names in other languages.

Please give the answers in the comments; but if you think your answer might be controversial, please include a link to a source supporting your theory.