Prof. Michael Stokes Paulsen (Univ. of St. Thomas) guest-blogging on 'The Constitution: An Introduction'


I'm delighted to report that Prof. Michael Stokes Paulsen, of the University of St. Thomas School of Law (in Minneapolis, unfortunately, not in St. Thomas), will be guest-blogging this week on "The Constitution: An Introduction," the book that he co-wrote with his son, Luke Paulsen.

Prof. Paulsen is one of the leading conservative constitutional law scholars in the country, and is also one of the leading critics of judicial supremacy. (These are, of course, two separate points—these days, both the criticism and the defenses of judicial supremacy come from both the left and the right.) I think what he has to say will be extremely interesting, and I much look forward to his posts.


"A solid, intelligent, reliable, and interesting look at the origins of the Constitution, its basic structure, and its interpretation over the course of our country's history. The Paulsens' book does not tell Americans what to think, but it provides invaluable help as they think for themselves."
– Justice Samuel Alito, Engage

"A splendid introduction to the Constitution—one that takes the text of our nation's charter seriously and provides illuminating explanations of why its drafters chose the principles, concepts, and language they did for their 'great experiment' in republican government and ordered liberty. The Constitution: An Introduction strips away the layers of interpretation that obscure the Constitution's meaning, enabling readers to encounter the Constitution itself."
– Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

"Michael Paulsen is one of the most brilliant, respected constitutional scholars of our era. His son, Luke, matches him stride for stride, as a serious lay student of the Constitution and its history. Together, they have produced a truly spectacular book—perhaps the best, single-volume treatment of the Constitution ever written."
– Guy-Uriel Charles, Charles S. Rhyne Professor of Law, Duke University