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Many thanks to those who helped with Chan v. Ellis


I much appreciated being able to file a friend-of-the-court brief in Chan v. Ellis—last week's Georgia Supreme Court decision that held that Georgia's "stalking" law doesn't restrict harsh public speech about people—and to participate in oral argument as well. I thought I'd therefore thank those who made this possible:

  • Darren Summerville, who graciously agreed to be pro bono local counsel.
  • Prof. Sarah Shalf at Emory, with whom I had worked in the past and who helped arrange things for this case as well.
  • Leighton Moore, Bryan Tyson, Mike Terry, Gerry Weber, and my brother Sasha, who did a moot court for me in Atlanta.
  • My colleagues Patrick Goodman, Robert Goldstein, and Jonathan Varat, who did a moot court for me at UCLA.
  • My UCLA First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic students Mairead Dolan and Jeff Brandt, who worked on the case.
  • Oscar Michelen, Matthew Chan's lawyer, who agreed to split oral argument time with me.
  • And of course my clients, Prof. Aaron Caplan (Loyola) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, plus especially David Greene at EFF.

I much appreciate all their help with this, and hope to work with them again in the future!