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Many thanks to those who helped with Chan v. Ellis


I much appreciated being able to file a friend-of-the-court brief in Chan v. Ellis – last week's Georgia Supreme Court decision that held that Georgia's "stalking" law doesn't restrict harsh public speech about people – and to participate in oral argument as well. I thought I'd therefore thank those who made this possible:

  • Darren Summerville, who graciously agreed to be pro bono local counsel.
  • Prof. Sarah Shalf at Emory, with whom I had worked in the past and who helped arrange things for this case as well.
  • Leighton Moore, Bryan Tyson, Mike Terry, Gerry Weber, and my brother Sasha, who did a moot court for me in Atlanta.
  • My colleagues Patrick Goodman, Robert Goldstein, and Jonathan Varat, who did a moot court for me at UCLA.
  • My UCLA First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic students Mairead Dolan and Jeff Brandt, who worked on the case.
  • Oscar Michelen, Matthew Chan's lawyer, who agreed to split oral argument time with me.
  • And of course my clients, Prof. Aaron Caplan (Loyola) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, plus especially David Greene at EFF.

I much appreciate all their help with this, and hope to work with them again in the future!