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Upcoming speaking engagements on political ignorance, presidential vs. parliamentary systems, and property rights [updated with corrected date for the Holy Cross speaking engagement—March 30]


March 30, Holy Cross College, 1:30-3:00 PM, Rehm Library: Debate on the implications of widespread political ignorance for the role of government in society (with Harvard political theorist Eric Beerbohm). I will defend the thesis of my book on this subject. This event is co-sponsored by the Holy Cross Charles Carroll Program, and the Institute for Humane Studies.

April 5, George Mason University School of Law, Rm. 121: Debate on parliamentary vs. presidential government (with Prof. Frank Buckley). We will be debating Buckley's important new book The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America, which I reviewed here. This event is co-sponsored by the Federalist Society and Students for Liberty.

April 21, Hofstra Law School, noon-1 PM: Panel on "Intellectual Property and Eminent Domain." The other panelists are Clarisa Long (Columbia), Greg Dolin (University of Baltimore), and Irina Manta (Hofstra).

May 13, University of Chicago Law School, 12:15-1:20 PM: Panel on "Kelo 10 Years Later: The Impact on Eminent Domain, Property Rights, and Homes." The other participants will be Lee Anne Fennell and Nadia Nasser-Ghodsi, both of the University of Chicago Law School. This event is co-sponsored by the Kreisman Initiative on Housing Law and Policy and the University of Chicago Law School Federalist Society.

UPDATE: The date of the Holy Cross speaking engagement is actually March 30, not March 31. I apologize for the error.