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So long to the Volokh Conspiracy


Relevant to yesterday's op-ed, today the New York Times announced that a group of people, including me, will be writing for them on a semi-regular basis as "contributing op-ed writers." You can access the full list of contributors here.

For various reasons, that means that I have to bid a sad farewell to the incredible community of co-bloggers, readers, and commenters here at Volokh—perhaps permanently, perhaps not. Going forward, you'll be able to access my New York Times pieces here, and follow me generally on Twitter as @WilliamBaude. And of course my academic writings will generally be available on SSRN and in the law library nearest you.

I'd like to avoid getting mawkish, so I won't prattle on about how much the Volokh Conspiracy (one of the first two blogs I ever read!) has meant to my life and my legal education. I'll just say that I hope you keep reading, wherever things take us both next. Until then, so long and thanks for all the fish feedback.