Remy: Cabotage (Beastie Boys Jones Act Parody)

What'cha want? Reasonable trade policy.


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Remy channels the Beastie Boys to shed light on the Jones Act and fight for his right to par…ticipate in free trade.

Parody of "Sabotage," written and performed by Remy.


Can't land it
We central planned it
You cannot abate this watergate

So I can't be docking? But he's right here!
But to go right there, he's gotta first go here so
While he sits, our people could die
He's got a foreign flag on his side

Oh my god, it's bizarre
Why can't he just dock?!
It's cabotage!

So listen up 'cause you can't do nothing
He could just dock with the push of a button
But he'd go to jail. I'm out, I'll be gone.
I gotta touch home base! Where's that? Saskatchewan!

Can't stand it
Can't he just hand it
Can't he come straight from another state?

You know, it makes no sense when you're right here
But back in D.C., it's so crystal clear
The status quo's so good that when the winds climb
We have to waive the law every time
I drank too much Dr. Pepper
You can use my bathroom—It's cabotage!