Libertarian Party

How's the New Libertarian Party Doing? Live with Angela McArdle

Join us Thursday at 1 p.m. E.T. for a livestream with the chair of the Libertarian National Committee to discuss the state of the party post-midterms.


Angela McArdle became the head of the Libertarian Party (LP) in May 2022 at the national convention in Reno, Nevada. She represents the Mises Caucus, a group that aims to take the LP in a new direction. Under McArdle's leadership—officially, she's the chair of the Libertarian National Committee—the LP's social media messaging has angered some members, and a handful of state chapters have disaffiliated or dissolved.

What's been going on behind the scenes at the LP? Is the party growing or shrinking? How did LP candidates fare in the midterms? What's the plan looking ahead to 2024?

Join Reason's Nick Gillespie and Zach Weissmueller for a live conversation with McArdle about all this and more on Thursday, November 10 at 1 p.m. Eastern. You can watch it above, on Twitter, or at Reason's Facebook page. We welcome comments and questions at YouTube and Facebook, and we'll put the best to McArdle.

Addendum: Several current and former members of the Libertarian Party disputed a claim that McArdle made in this livestream beginning at the 55-minute mark.

"We're going to build actual infrastructure for our candidates and [state] affiliates," McArdle told us. "Training. How to run a campaign, how to be a treasurer. This is this is like nuts and bolts stuff that is not that exciting…. How to fundraise, how to use tools, how to get earned media. That just hasn't been there in the past. It just doesn't exist."

In response, Libertarian Party members shared photos on social media of past trainings. McArdle responded to our inquiry by saying, "This was clearly said in the context of candidate trainings, and my comments about it not existing were specific to these topics. Certainly, regional trainings with overviews on campaign management exist, and I've attended them, but that is not what I mentioned."