California's Recall Is a Revolt Against Gov. Gavin Newsom's Progressive Agenda

Leading candidates Larry Elder, Kevin Faulconer, and Kevin Kiley cite homelessness, crime, housing costs, and energy shortages as evidence that one-party rule is failing the Golden State.


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Gov. Gavin Newsom is in trouble, and he knows it.

"California and the values we profess would be judged in a different light if this was a successful recall," Newsom, who's facing a recall vote on September 14, told the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee in a taped interview. "I think it would have profound consequences."

Newsom's concerns are well-founded, according to recent polls, most of which currently are projecting a narrow victory for Newsom.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state has mailed every eligible California voter a ballot with two questions on it: "Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled from the office of governor," and which of 46 candidates should replace him if that were to happen? If the recall succeeds, whichever candidate receives the plurality of votes will replace Newsom until the next governor's race in 2022.

(Reason extended interview requests to all of the leading candidates in the race. Larry Elder, Kevin Faulconer, and Kevin Kiley agreed to be interviewed. The others declined or didn't respond to our requests.)

Newsom and his Democratic allies have portrayed the election as a right-wing plot to take over California's government, pointing to substantial funding from the California GOP and Mike Huckabee's political action committee and running ads connecting some of the pro-recall activists to QAnon and the Trump supporters who sieged the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

But what's actually animating likely recall voters are issues like rising homelessness, high housing and energy costs, fear of rising crime, and pandemic policies that have little basis in science, like closing beaches, banning outdoor dining, and keeping in-person public schools shut longer than any other state.

The recall should be just as big of a wake-up call to the Democratic political establishment as the fact that California recently lost a congressional seat for the first time in its history.

Early in the pandemic, Newsom was second only to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the adoration he received from celebrities and the media for his COVID response.

"I don't know if you know this, but everyone loves you," Ellen DeGeneres told Newsom during an April 2020 interview.

Newsom touted California as a global beacon and a model of progressive governance that he claimed would change American politics forever.

"Absolutely we see [the pandemic] as an opportunity to reshape how we do business and how we govern," Newsom told a reporter at an April 2020 press conference.

But as "flattening the curve" morphed into indefinite lockdowns, and California's number of positive cases surged during winter 2020 regardless, Newsom acted as if, for him, rules that were paralyzing the state's restaurant and nightlife scene didn't apply, dining indoors with lobbyists at an expensive restaurant called the French Laundry.

The petition to recall surpassed the required 1.5 million signature mark in February 2021 and officially made the ballot in July.

"If Gavin Newsom were in my corporation, I would have fired him a long time ago. He has failed our state in a lot of different ways," says Orrin Heatlie, the retired Yolo County sergeant who started the recall petition six months before COVID hit. For Heatlie, illegal immigration was a motivating factor.

"[Newsom's] open-border policy, giving our tax money to illegal immigrants for housing, food, and clothing, when our own citizens are on the street, our own veterans are homeless on the street," says Heatlie. 

Newsom, in turn, has pointed to Heatlie's key role as further evidence that the recall effort is a plot by right-wing extremists and often highlights in particular comments that Heatlie posted to Facebook that called for microchipping illegal immigrants.

Heatlie told Reason that the comments were "hyperbole" and "not the right thing to put out there" and cites the more than 1.7 million verified signatures collected as evidence that conservatives like him aren't the only ones who support a recall vote.  Forty-nine percent of independents and—of particular concern to California Democrats—half of Hispanic voters support the recall, according to an August CBS/YouGov poll.

Newsom maintains that the recall is an anti-democratic maneuver. One group is suing to preemptively declare the outcome unconstitutional if Newsom loses to a candidate that gets fewer votes than he did in the general election.

California's recall procedure dates to 1911, and it was championed by Progressive Era reformers who wanted to check the power of special interests like the Southern Pacific Railroad. Fifty-five California governors have faced recall petitions to date, and this is the second time that an effort to recall the governor has made the ballot. The first time was in 2003 when Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Gray Davis.

"This has been in the California constitution for 110 years. The people that are now complaining had a lot of time to change the constitution," says talk radio host Larry Elder, a self-identified libertarian running as a Republican.

With his high name recognition and popularity among conservatives, Elder immediately became the frontrunner upon entering the race.

Elder, despite never worked in government, says his years of analyzing California politics on the radio have prepared him for the job.

"My opponent, Gavin Newsom, has had plenty of political experience. He was a two-term elected mayor of San Francisco. He had eight years as lieutenant governor to plan what he was going to do as governor…There was a gentleman who came out of Hollywood who was not a talk show host, who has not spent 27 years talking about these issues. His name was Ronald Reagan. He became a pretty decent two-term governor and a pretty decent two-term president," says Elder.

Elder says his top priorities as governor would be reducing the cost of housing—second highest in the nation—by rescinding California's lengthy environmental review process, ending the state's rolling blackouts by halting the closure of the state's last nuclear facility and reauthorizing gas and oil drilling, ending worsening droughts by investing in desalination technology, increasing police funding to combat crime, and more school choice—an issue that he says is particularly dear to his heart because of his experience growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

"I attended an inner-city school called Crenshaw High School—that was a school that was featured in the movie Boyz n the Hood," says Elder.

"Only 2 percent of kids from Crenshaw High School are math proficient. Now the polls showed a majority of black and brown parents living in the inner-city want school choice. They want the ability to say, I don't want to send my kid to a school where only 2 percent of kids are math proficient…The teachers union, the most powerful union in this state, are the largest funder of my opponent's campaign and is adamantly opposed to choice."

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is actually the largest donor to the campaign to keep Newsom in office, with a $3 million contribution. But Elder is right that the California Teachers Association is a major backer of Newsom, with a $1.8 million donation.

Over his career spanning decades, Elder has given his opponents plenty of fodder, such as his assertion in an article published in 2000 that "women know less than men about political issues."

Elder has also been criticized for his view that the minimum wage should be abolished because it cuts off opportunities for low-skilled workers.

A Los Angeles Times column labeled Elder the "black face of white supremacy" for this stance, as well as for his promise to repeal mask and vaccine mandates and for his rejection of critical race theory.

And Newsom, who didn't respond to Reason's multiple interview requests, says that Elder would be an anti-science "disaster" for California and has called him a climate change denier.

"What I am is a climate change alarmist denier," says Elder. "I don't believe when AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] says that our planet is going to be destroyed in 10 years or 12 years…I also believe that [forcibly transitioning] the economy from a fossil-based one to a renewables-based one does not appreciate tradeoffs."

While Elder leads the polls among Republican challengers, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is the only candidate with executive governing experience, which helped him earn the grudging endorsement of the Los Angeles Times. The paper suggested on its editorial page that voters  "hold" their noses "and select Kevin Faulconer" after saying the entire recall election would be "comical if the stakes weren't so high."

Faulconer touts his record on homelessness, which declined in San Diego after he spent $6.5 million on a temporary shelter that had been earmarked for permanent housing. He also strictly enforced anti-camping laws.

"We took dramatic action in San Diego. I did not allow encampments on the sidewalk," says Faulconer. "People are going to die in our sidewalks, and we're better than that."

Faulconer's critics say his tactics were inhumane, and that the decline in the city's unsheltered homeless may partially be an accounting anomaly because during his tenure the count stopped, including of people living in RVs. But Faulconer points out that numbers declined countywide under his tenure and tents disappeared from the sidewalks.

"I took strong, strong action. And in fact, before COVID struck, we had 13 different cities from all across the country that came to look at the tough changes that we made in San Diego. Why? Because those changes worked," says Faulconer.

Like all of the leading GOP candidates, Faulconer uses tough-on-crime rhetoric and has accused Newsom of being overly sympathetic to the movement to defund the police. In June 2020, Newsom told an audience that he supports "reimagining" the role of police officers and shifting more responsibility onto social workers in dealing with the mentally ill, and he's been an advocate of statewide resentencing measures and reduction of penalties for certain criminal offenses. But this July he told journalists "don't ever confuse me with the defund police movement."


Newsom told journalists in late July not to ever "confuse" him with politicians who want to defund the police.

Polling shows that rising crime is a top concern among voters.  Homicides and gun crimes did spike in LA and San Francisco in 2020, though overall crime rates were fairly steady in the state at large.

Other leading GOP contenders are businessman John Cox and reality star Caitlyn Jenner, who didn't respond to our email requests.

The highest-polling Democrat in the race is the 29-year-old real estate investor and YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, who's running as a liberal centrist.

And then there's Kevin Kiley, a state legislator and the only candidate currently holding elected office. He wrote a book making the case for recalling Newsom that focuses on allegations of corruption, incompetence, and disregard for the rule of law.

"I've been fighting in every way I can against Gavin Newson's one-man rule," says Kiley.

Kiley sued the governor for using his emergency powers to change California voting law and circumventing the state legislature, though lost on appeal.

Newsom had issued 58 executive orders over the course of the pandemic at that time, drawing pushback even from some fellow Democrats.

Kiley says Newsom exploited the pandemic to amplify his own power and boost his national political profile while ignoring the science of how COVID actually spreads.

"He's taken California's long-term decline and brought it to this total free fall. And so I think that by throwing him out in a popular citizens' movement, it's a chance to actually turn the page on this whole era of corruption and failure," says Kiley.

There's one point Newsom and his challengers agree on—if he's recalled on September 14, it'll mean dramatic changes are coming, not only to America's largest state, but also to the whole nation.

"Newsom has said that there are profound national implications, and I would have to agree with him on that," says Kiley. "I think that the recall can send a very clear warning to the rest of the nation: that California is not a model for the nation."

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  1. homelessness, crime, housing costs, and energy shortages as evidence that one-party rule is failing the Golden State”

    From a Koch / Reason libertarian POV, homelessness is actually a good thing — especially when the richest people on the planet are rapidly getting richer.

    Indeed, our open borders agenda — which imports millions of Black and Brown Democratic voters — explicitly aims to turn all 50 states into single-party Democratic strongholds like CA is now. Then the entire country will enjoy racial diversity and staggering economic inequality.


    1. You have my vote. Can’t wait until you run and win in 2024.

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      2. Oh Yes, newsome progressive is illegal against our US Constitution & California’s State Constitution

        as illegal as they come, and all the neverTRUMP politicians know that

        and they know California that if they can still keep California, they will have their cunning chance to

        change our whole USofA

        But their hellish deadly neverTRUMP liberal socialist agenda is starting to be strongly compromised

        when our US California turns

        ????????????CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
        Amen & Amen????❤️????

        that will be a very successful US win

        1. The rational reader will readily see why the looter state passes laws against betting on election outcomes.

        2. Looks like Hank got a sock.

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          2. In his case it might be a second personality. That dude is one whacked out nut. I’ve read some of the shit he’s written on his own web site, and it’s even wackier than here. He uses the same vocabulary and phrasing choices too.

        3. You need to cut back by at least half on the meth my friend.

          1. Please describe your drug experience and educational studies pertaining to the subject matter. How does this equate to your imagined superior intellectual grasp of politics that would have you believe that you have just scored some valid points in a “debate”? Similar to the first comment about the rich get richer and there are homeless people… a simple “so there!” would suffice.
            You can name yourself Reason but that does not mean you have any at all. I would think if one wanted Libertarian to be a political party the first order of the day would be to be recognized. It seems someone is perhaps suffering from ADHD which is treated with Adderall, a trade name for amphetamine and dextroamphetamine

    2. Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the evening…Ghj And i get surly a check of $12600 what’s awesome is I m working from home so I get more time with my kids.

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    3. The present worldwide political paradigm uses the initiation of force, threats, fraud (propaganda), not reason, choice, individual sovereignty. All political parties rule the public while the public only focus on their promises, not their violence, e.g., legal theft, killing, control of all aspects of life. The public has been disarmed cognitively in public schools preparing them to be ruled. For example, people celebrate the use of violence by an elite, as if no universal morality existed. Non American citizens are considered less entitled to human rights. Then they ignore their own rights are being violated, denied using cliches like “common good”, “national security”. If this politics continues to be dominate, it will destroy us all.

    4. “Hi, my name is OpenBordersLiberal-tarian and I’m a koch addict.”

  2. >>Gov. Gavin Newsom is in trouble, and he knows it.

    please. he’ll fall up and be a senator one day

    1. It worked for Kammy.

      1. he’s entirely prettier too. no way this kills his career.

      2. Maybe but will he be willing to put on a pair of kneepads?

  3. “Newsom and his Democratic allies have portrayed the election as a right-wing plot to take over California’s government…”

    Yep. Democracy is always a threat to Democrats.

    1. Isn’t every election campaign a plot to take over a government?

      1. Regressive agenda. Anyone who wants to reduce liberty is regressive. Not progressive. Do not succumb to any more Orwellimg of laanguage.

        1. I just call them traitors.

    2. Bookies are eager to let Comstock conservatives plunk down some money and cash in on superior soothsaying ability. Isn’t Nevada on the CA border? kinda like Mexico?

  4. Fewer than 2 million hayseeds signed recall petitions in a state whose population approximate 40 million. That seems a dysfunctional system. The applause from disaffected clingers seems natural.

    1. So then naturally they would vote against the recall, right? Polls say otherwise.

      You can always tell when the left is scared and how they react.

    2. why? 2 million to call a vote.

      why do you hate democracy?

      1. His subroutine requires it.

      2. I prefer a Constitutional Republic. A “democracy” requires a majority to like something no matter how revolting it is and someone to tell to like it. That “someone” is a dictator.

        1. Democracy are two wolves and a lamb discussing what to have for lunch. Liberty is the lamb contesting the vote with a loaded rifle.

    3. By those numbers, he’s a lock to stay in office. Since there were 17 million votes cast in 2020, Newsom should carry a minimum of 80% against this miscarriage of democracy.

    4. How is it dysfunctional? If everybody in California aside from the “hayseeds” really loves Newsom, he’ll win easily.

    5. hayseeds

      You mean Insurrectionists?

    6. Not all 40 million are eligible to vote, but you did not think that out.

      1. Actually he did. The ads showing people that Elder is an alleged wife beater have basically put a nail in the coffin of his election effort.

        1. Naw.

          It will help Elder. The progressives will think Newsom and company have turned racist on this uppity negro.

          Even progs have a limit.

          1. I just wish he could get a Texas style abortion law passed in CA if he’s elected. If for no other reason than to see all the Hollywood assholes lose their collective shit. Oh, and Hank Phillips here can race about ‘mystical bigots form the Gee oh Pee’ trying to control women’s bodies.

          2. Bookies do too, but they have deep pockets and don’t mind being taken to the cleaners by wishful-thinking mystical altruists. Be the first one on your block to slice that pound of flesh off Shylock!

        2. Turned out to be false.

  5. “California’s Recall Is a Revolt Against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Progressive Agenda”

    I wish this were true.

    California’s recall of Newsom is a revolt against pandemic lockdown policies.

    If Newsom is recalled, it will be because of his pandemic lockdown policies and his failure to abide by his own rules when he went to the French Laundry.

    1. We’re seeing a big uptick, nationally, in ICU hospitalizations associated with the delta variant, which is what usually drives lockdown policies. That uptick in ICU utilization hasn’t made its way to California yet, but it will get there.

      Once the delta variant pushes ICU admissions up in California, Newsom will feel compelled to initiate lockdowns again, but he’ll resist doing so before September 14th. If he’s forced to introduce lockdown again before then, he’ll be recalled.

      He may lose even without the lockdowns, but if there are lockdowns before then, Newsom will lose. If they’d held the election in November, his goose would be cooked for sure–like it will be come November of 2022 anyway.

      Don’t even bet on Newsom to win the gubernatorial primaries in 2022. He may be bested by another progressive–or two.

      1. Agreed. There are too many lefty progressive morons remaining in this state. The productive center and right are leaving for TX and FL The center left are leaving for AZ, UT, ID, and CO, despoiling their voter base. The million new illegals will be assigned as prolific Dem voters by the machine software. If Elder wins, he will be a fun and entertaining blip in the eventual liquidation of freedom in CA.

      2. Newsom’s overreach last summer was not enough to make the recall a threat.

        Not even moving the recall election forward to September, as unforced an error it was, was enough.

        The recall becoming a threat was due to one khunt.

        Dr. barbara Ferrer.

        People, even those who supported the lockdowns last year, were ready to declare victory. a vaccine was readily available. The spread of COVID-19 was no longer an involuntary threat.

        Then this khunt enacted a mask mandate in Los Angeles County.

        This got the ball rolling on mask mandates and vaccination requirements in public establishments.

      3. The Delta variant is here. And, we’re seeing the results.

        But most people understand, it’s the anti-vaxxers that are bearing the brunt of it. And, even the progs have given up on them. So, even a hint of lockdown at this point would enrage everyone.

        The compromise is new mask mandates in several counties. And now, cities.

  6. …if he’s recalled on September 14, it’ll mean dramatic changes are coming, not only to America’s largest state, but also to the whole nation.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    1. We won’t get fooled again!

  7. I’d like to hope for a better future in Cali, but their systemic problems are too great. More likely they break apart into cartels.

    1. I foresee “breaking apart into cartels” on a bigger stage in our future.

      If anyone desires to live in such a progressive utopia as California, they will have at least a dozen choices from New Jersey to Hawaii; do it to yourselves and each other but leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

      1. The only way their policies “work” is if they do the exact opposite of leaving everyone else alone. These people can hardly go outside without encountering a dozen problems requiring their immediate protest, you expect them to run a functioning society on their own?

        1. “…you expect them to run a functioning society on their own?”

          Nope. Just expect it to do it to themselves somewhere else.

  8. BTW, the noted camera-whore K. Harris was supposed to show up at a campaign event in the Bay Area last week; got canceled. She of the ‘last person in the room’ supporting Joe’s colossal fuck-up
    Pretty sure Newsom is nervous enough that he didn’t want the least tiny bit of that disaster stuck to his grease.

  9. “Absolutely we see [the pandemic] as an opportunity…”

    As with any crisis, be it real, imagined, exaggerated, or entirely created.

    1. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

      -H.L. Mencken

      1. Great quote Fat Mike.

  10. California’s voters certainly are revolting, but they sure as hell ain’t voting for a black man, either.

    1. Writing from Sunnyvale, California I will say that when my fellow Californians go to the polls I generally do find the results utterly revolting.

    2. That’s what Mitt, Johnny the Torch and Palin said… Then guess what turned out to be preferable to a mystical prohibitionist…

      1. You’re a fucking bigot, and a real drag on the libertarian cause. When people call libertarians kooks, you’re the poster child.

        Did you know that?

    3. “…but they sure as hell ain’t voting for a black man, either.
      Yeah, because Barack 0blama lost by a landslide.

    4. Actually, in California the fact that Elder is black makes him very attractive. It’s a repellant to those who call everyone a racist when they have no strong argument to fall back on.

      And, race isn’t nearly the issue in California that it is in most other places. Everyone is used to a great deal of racial diversity these days. Even people with strong racial preference tendencies.

      1. Don’t forget the headline on top of the L.A.Times that screamed outright, Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy!
        As if they couldn’t do anything more to harm themselves, create a backlash and lose ad revenue.
        It appears though, the people at the L.A. Times have no shame. Just like the rest of the liberal media.

      2. Californians remember the Atlas Shrugged-reading Supreme Court nominee who long-donged them lustily as soon as Nixon’s boy Rehnquist needed a pal to go girl-bullying with. Say… California has a border with Mexico, where women now have individual rights!

  11. But what’s actually animating likely recall voters are issues like rising homelessness, high housing and energy costs, fear of rising crime, and pandemic policies that have little basis in science

    Meh. These are things, but IMHO the real things are the rolling blackouts and the wildfires.

    When September-October roll around and the temperature hits 100F, you’re being choked out by smoke and you can’t so much as turn on a fan because the power is out you start thinking about how ridiculously expensive it is to live in CA anymore and that we didn’t have these problems 40 years when it wasn’t ridiculously expensive to live in CA.

    And when some of us have known forestry service people who have been warning about poor forestry management practices for decades leading to exactly what were seeing right now, Gavin simply handwaving about Climate Change and saying what we need is less freely available power and more electric cars – well, it’s not just White Supremacists who think the black guy from South Central is a better option than the feckless, entitled rich white guy from Marin.

    1. ^ This a thousand times over. I was born and raised in Mountain View. The house where I lived was nice and I loved it. But it now goes for about 3 mill. Had you quoted that to me as a teenager I’d have thought Atherton or Hillside—with a circular driveway, swimming pool and tennis court. In return for becoming multi Multi million dollar, my beloved Santa Clara Valley has turned to Shiticon. And yes, the conditions for these wildfires were large predictable and predicted before Climate Change was even anticipated as a crisis.

  12. It not at all. It is a a minority of the population, Trumpers, who are doing this.

    1. A minority of the population decides every election. Are you really claiming that half of the population of CA are “Trumpers”? And if it is “Trumpers”, so what? They have the same right as everyone else to participate in the political system. They didn’t make the recall law in CA.

      1. No, it was 19th century-style progressives who made the recall law in our state. (Did I just mention 19th century-style progressives? Thank GOD they didn’t pass a law on eugenics!) one amusing anecdote. A couple of years ago I was on light rail (our Santa Clara County tram service) and a chatty black guy was talking to me. He was a recent migrant from his native Washington, D.C. (of all places) and started talking about how he thought Trump was doing a pretty decent job vs. the ways he thought Obama had let him down. Oh man, you should have SEEN the faces of the white folks sitting around us!

        1. Don’t you just love it when white liberals think they know the black mind? Because they are all the same. Aren’t they?

          I have had many black friends and even a black family member or two over the years. If anyone thinks blacks, or any other subgroup of Americans are of one mindset, they really aren’t paying attention.

    2. Go fuck yourself with a splintery broom handle.

    3. MollyGodiva
      September.1.2021 at 1:58 pm

      And fucking piles of lefty shit who oppose it, pile of lefty shit.

    4. Maybe if the minority of voters on Team Red hadn’t been given the back of the hand by Team Blue over the past few decades, Team Blue wouldn’t be in the position of getting the middle finger thrown back at them and having their guy get thrown out by a small plurality of votes.

    5. The broken English is a nice touch, very effective. The commas indicate you think we are Trumpers, which is even more hilarious.

    6. Even that is stupid for you Mollygodiva. Too lazy to come up with a decent excuse. Look in the mirror you cunt, then you’ll see the cause.

    7. That’s why they’re going to lose, there just aren’t enough of them to do this. They may get a republican on a ballot but that’s about it. Newsom gonna take this in a landslide.

  13. So everyone has at least one ballot, and the dems will do the counting, and you actually expect he will be recalled?
    How deep a coma were you in during 2020?

    1. See my comment below. The envelope has a hole which shows your vote on the recall question.

    2. Laugh it up, fuzzball. I’m sure the vote counters in your state are union-belonging Dems as well.

    3. …the state has mailed every eligible California voter a ballot…
      Does that number differ from the count of registered voters?
      One can be eligible, while not registered, though the former are not supposed to be able to vote…except in the Utopia of Commiefornia, where the LieCheatSteal party has all the reins of power in the counting rooms.
      If the vote comes even close, it will mean a landside for recall, because the number of votes, needed to overcome the steal, will be astronomical.

    4. Bookies are offering to let wet-cheeked Trumpistas put their money where their slogans are. Your big chance is here at last!

  14. Sorry Gav (AKA D-BAGE IN MY HOUSE), but I’m not a republican but am voting for Larry. But a quick look at map will tell you CA is mostly red. We control the territory but they can have the cesspools.

    1. “We control the territory but they can have the cesspools.”

      Just like a Kurt Schlitcher novel.

  15. Only a fool would vote for the party that fought for slavery. If you did, then you are. Could you imagine the Jews voting for a “Rebranded” Nazi party? Ya dude, we totally don’t gas people anymore, that’s the new republican party; they would say, just like the dems.

    1. I have to say, true as it may be, that’s got to be the worst argument against the Democrats. If all Democrats bear responsibility for the sins of their predecessors then so does every American who still has allegiance to this country that once protected legal slavery. That’s some nonsense either way. There is plenty of shit that is happening now to criticize and disdain Democrats for without dredging up the past.

      1. True, but many of the Dems rebranding efforts attempt to revise history. Reminding them of their heinous past never gets old.

      2. It’s still the same party. It’s a more believable than the magical “Switch” they always bleat out when cornered on their very recent past. They still believe in segregation (see: black safe spaces), they are still pushing racism or antiracism, as it’s now called, and they didn’t even bother to change the name of the party. That’s just to name a few. The only change in the party today is the framing of issues, but they are still the same issues. I disagree, same destination, different road to get there.

      3. The Dems are fucking over the black community by letting the schools in poor neighborhoods go to shit. They do this so that black kids won’t compete with their kids for employment.


      4. They still support slavery. Just in a different form.

        And, they want to expand the boundaries to all races.

        The road to serfdom.

    2. Only a fucking idiot thinks the Republican and Democrat parties of the 1860s are the same parties as they are today. lmfao.

  16. They can tell from the envelope if you voted fro the recall.

    The link is to Café Hayek, to a 49 second video from his brother, showing that if you put the marked ballot in the envelope “correctly”, a little hole in the envelope shows which way you voted.

    This would be a good thing for Reason to look into.

    1. Yes there is that little hole…I wondered about that too. But I voted recall, then voted Elder. I have that app which tracks the progress of the ballot. I was informed when USPS had it and delivery was on the way. Then I received confirmation that it was received and counted. I’m not quite paranoid enough to disbelieve that.

      1. Yeah, they will count your ballot correctly, they’ll just print up another one to counteract it.

      2. “I’m not quite paranoid enough to disbelieve that.”

        Sure it was counted, but how and by whom? Like Stalin put is, “it is not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”

    2. This would be a good thing for Reason to look into.

      Too local.

      1. That’s one of the problems with Reason. Everything is national to them. But, the very policies they defend or support are more prevalent on a local level than national.

        Have you ever thought about where the majority of laws that directly impact you on a daily basis come from? They aren’t federal.

        For instance, and this is one that I just happen to have a lot of personal experience with, many cities have hundreds if not thousands of ordinances that regulate your use of your own home; your own property. You can’t park a boat or RV in your driveway. They can cite you and fine you $1,000/day because you allow leaves to pile up in your yard during the fall leaf drop season. You and your neighbor can’t erect an 8′ tall fence between your properties to improve privacy for both parties because your city limits fence heights to 6′. Cities approve developments of SFHs of 2,000 sq ft on 3,000 sq ft lots with shared driveways because the state housing mandates direct them to do so.

        Those kinds of things have more direct impact on your life than whether congress changes the income tax brackets. And, for reasons I’ve never been able to explain, there will be no constitutional tests of the powers that a city has in such matters.

    3. This would be a good thing for Reason to look into.

      Reason has already determined that Democrats don’t fuck with elections, and furthermore that they support suing into oblivion those who would suggest otherwise.

  17. In our family alone, my son and his family had to move out of state since Newsom wouldn’t let him work. A neighbor lost their place since Newsom wouldn’t let her work. Another neighbor lost has car since Newsom wouldn’t let him work. Multiply this throughout the state and I see Newsom being voted out, and hopefully Elder being voted in. Then Newsom can laugh with his friends at the French Laundry again.

    1. So being arrested for plant leaves and house confiscated by a Republican is better than having a Democrat make you unemployable? Ever consider casting a law-changing Libertarian spoiler vote and getting 24x the leverage?

      1. Hank, your meds; take them.

      2. Will voting for George Glass in the recall net the same great leverage you got last November? So much leverage!

        1. See below.
          Hank is a fucking ignoramus, ignorant of what a vote might mean, but thrilled he casted one for someone with an L after the name! What a DREAM!
          Not sure if it’s “plant leaves” (dope usually doesn’t make you that stupid), but Hank is indeed among the L-purist shits who do their damndest to make sure we end up with pathetic pieces of shit like droolin’ Joe

          1. BTW, Jo got my vote for POTUS last November; I’m in CA and my vote (usually) doesn’t matter.
            This is one of the few times it might, and droolin’ Hank is suggesting blowing it.

  18. Newsom is a typically earnest liberal Democrat politician with designs on higher office. Elder is a typically earnest conservative radio talk show bloviator and political neophyte. I have listened to Elder and agreed with him for many years. Newsom is just the same old same old on the left. Elder has morphed into something new and dangerous, casually hopping onto the Republican authoritarian wagon simply for Nielsen ratings.

    1. Elder has morphed into…what, exactly? A threat to the CA limousine liberal lifestyle? A counter to the “my parents were poor and black, so Republicans are racist” narrative? In other words, WTF are you talking about?

      1. He’s saying Elder used to make some sense. Now he has jumped on the white nationalist Trump Train and hasn’t even stopped to take a break and look at the company he’s keeping lol .

    2. “It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday […] it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it. […] The eyeless crature at the other table swallowed it fanatically. passionately, with a furious desire to track down, denounce, and vaporize anyone who should suggest that last week the ration had been thirty grams. Syme, too-in some more double complex way, involving doublethink-Syme, swallow it. Was he, then, alone in the possession of a memory?”
      Orwell George, 1984

  19. No Governor has done more to help the homeless. True Fact.
    California is a progressive state. Elder has support of about 1 in 4 Californians. If Democrats show up to vote, Elder will be crushed. And if he wins (tho getting only half the votes of Gavin), he will be recalled within months by the majority of voters in California, who are progressive (and hopefully not apathetic).
    California came in with a 75 billion budget surplus and is still on the cutting edge of progressive legislation. If that is failure, bring it on!

    1. “California came in with a 75 billion budget surplus and is still on the cutting edge of progressive legislation. If that is failure, bring it on!”

      While Newsom was putting about half of California un the unemployment lines.
      Fuck off, steaming pile of lefty shit.

    2. Really? What has Newsom done to “help the homeless”?

      Have you been to my steamy pile of shit hometown, San Francisco lately? He was mayor there you know. If the current situation with the homeless is from his help, then God help us!

  20. Oh Yes, newsome progressive is illegal against our US Constitution & California’s State Constitution

    as illegal as they come, and all the neverTRUMP politicians know that

    and they know California that if they can still keep California, they will have their cunning chance to

    change our whole USofA

    But their hellish deadly neverTRUMP liberal socialist agenda is starting to be strongly compromised

    when our US California turns

    CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen

    that will be a very successful US win

    1. Didn’t improve with age.

  21. I totally get that Zack is now helping The Kleptocracy ignore Libertarian Candidate Jeff Hewitt while trying to pass the GOPBLM Republican voter and candidate off as libertarian “leaning.” The text suggests but does not make it clear Hewitt was even invited to say a word. He is, like Gary Johnson was, a “non-leading” candidate, which is looter code for LP. But it is not clear whether he was invited and declined or was simply ignored. Which was it?

    1. Did not notice this in Hank’s earlier rantings; what we have here is an imbecilic piece of shit, incapable of considering the implications of a vote outside if the party affiliation; thanks Hank for confirming what has been strongly suggested by your rants.
      Hank, we’ve seen the results fucking party-purist assholes like you accomplish. Why just over the last week (and continuing) we’ve had droolin’ Joe, (elected as a result of shits like you), manage to get a dozen or so killed, so adolescent shits like you didn’t have a father-figure make you scared with mean tweets! Please join Brandyshit in proving how stupid L-purists (and adolescent daddy-worshippers) can be!
      Not yet sure who is gonna get my vote, but for the first time in a long time, my vote might matter, and I’m not about to throw it away on some lame hopeful who got an L after his name,

      1. Couldn’t have said it better. I’m not a republican, but I voted republican in the last election just to keep Joe out of office. I would have considered the Libertarian candidate if I thought she had a chance. I would love to see the day we have another middle ground libertarian leaning Republican in office. It will save this country. Lets face the facts, getting a libertarian in office without joining one side or the other is never going to happen. Libertarians have far more in common with modern Republicans than people realize. Just about the only serious issue they disagree on is immigration. I’m sure some middle ground can be found. Reagan found one, but it was short lived after he left office.

        “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.”
        -Ronald Reagan

  22. They just had to make the Q reference didn’t they, an obsession of the left and an extinct niche of the fringe right (there is no far right). I have always been on the fence between libertarian and conservative as a fan of Reagan, so would vote for Elder in a heartbeat. but I see even the democrat candidate here would be a huge improvement for CA. Blocking desalination and nuclear power is literally killing the state from the standpoint of infrastructure. If they are serious about killing petroleum, nuclear power is the only practical alternative, all others are a novelty at best. Ask Gretta where Norway gets most of its power. I’ll give a clue, its not solar or wind and for a good reason.

    I also got a good laugh at the black white supremacist line. It reminded me of that Dave Chappelle skit. This whole conspiracy theory of a phantom army white supremacists plotting to take over the country would be comical if not for how many people are probably brain dead enough to fall for it.

    1. Elder’s no Libertarian, but at the risk of damning with faint praise, he’d be the best governor California ever had. Arnie meant well, but he just wasn’t smart enough to make much of a difference.


      1. If you think wife beaters make good governors. I don’t think that’s a quality a lot of people look for in governors.

        1. It’s a bit hard to believe claims six years after the fact. And that only arise once the alleged perp is up for public office and actually is scaring the opposition.

          There is a reason no one with half a brain actually wants to go into politics. And this latest claim from a “former fiance'” is the epitome of why.

        2. wife beaters

          I’m talking about Larry Elder, not that scumbag Keith Ellison. Do try to keep up, will you?


    2. Q is VERY big amongst Trumplicans which are now the majority of the Republican party with traditional conservatives on the decline. They have traded in well reason conservatism for Trump “wisdom” and rantings. It’s not the party of Reagan and really hasn’t been since NewtG went off the rails.

  23. “self identified libertarian”

    Gee I didn’t realize you could only be officially libertarian unless you register as a libertarian party voter. Are liberals and conservatives “self identified” unless they register with the democrat and republican party?

    Oh wait, I get it. Elder is a border hawk. So he’s only a “self identified” libertarian. His years of advocacy on drug legalization, school choice, and market based policy can be ignored.

    1. Exactly. Lets face the facts. Good bad or indifferent this country is bipartisan. Always has been and always will be unless we allow this one party takeover to happen, which will result in totalitarianism. Not good for anyone. I identify as “libertarian” but I am registered as Republican for that reason. I will continue to seek out libertarian leaning republicans to vote for as I have in the past.

      1. For that reason, I register as DTS – decline to state.

        Fuck ’em. I don’t want anyone taking my vote for granted.

        Nor do I want to be lumped in with any party, movement or affiliation. As though I have no capacity for independent thought; no personal agency.

        Isn’t that libertarian enough?

    2. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about there is the Libertarian party and the libertarian mindset. Self identified most likely indicates the latter. If you don’t know the difference then god help you on even a GED exam.

  24. Mail in ballots=Newsome win

    Wasn’t it Stalin who said “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes?”

    1. Yeah, equating Stalin with Newsom is kinda sorta intellectual retardation.

  25. So the choice is between a raving socialist and a wife beater. Wow California you can really pick them.

  26. I read that as California’s Recall is Showing Progress against Newsom’s Revolting Agenda.

  27. Most polls suggest that Newsom will survive this, and certainly they are spending big on advertising to save him. It is interesting, though, how much trouble he is in. The Dems lost the white working class decades ago, and have generally acted as though that’s just what they preferred. An awful lot of blacks have also moved out of CA for locales probably providing more opportunity. The economic concerns of working class Hispanics are similar to their white counterparts, and the signs are that Hispanics are starting to realize that progressives are not their friends, but it may not be enough this election. Perhaps before the decade is out.

  28. ” most of which currently are projecting a narrow victory for Newsom.” Narrow? OK, PPP is partisan and I don’t believe their + 19 for Keep, same with Change Reseatrch’s + 15. But even Trafalgar, which is as GOP as a poll can get, gives Keep + 8 (as does the latest SurveyUSA). Big contrast from 2003, where the polls showed the recall winning.

    1. Only fools believe polls. Especially after experiences of the last decade.

      I’ve never really believed them. Nor considered them valid just because they turn out to be right. Ditto for product reviews.

      It’s human nature. Particularly in politics. We love to say one thing and then do another.

      Personally, I think that disparity in and of itself is very libertarian. Taking comfort in countenancing an argument and then doing something different anyway.

  29. You should how kcra has his balls in their mouth

  30. NewScam is just corrupt. He’s a Pay-to-Player and Pump-And-Dumper groomed by the intelligence agencies, and the idiot electorate that sees a (D) next to someone’s name just submitted a mind-numbed Yes without thinking. Now, they’ve seen what a fraud this phony crony crook is.

  31. Newsom touted California as a global beacon and a model of progressive governance arrogance that he claimed would change American politics forever.

    I had to read that twice before I realized that I was reading truth where only Newsom’s hubris existed.

  32. Maybe it isn’t just Newsom’s progressive agenda. Maybe it’s his liberal hypocrisy.
    Maybe it’s his drunk with power authoritarian dictats.
    Maybe it’s the way he destroyed so many small businesses because of the lock downs.
    Maybe it’s because of his little party at the French Laundry while everyone else was ordered to sit at home.
    Maybe it’s because families weren’t allowed to attend marriages, funerals or other family functions.
    Maybe, just maybe, people are getting tired of drunk with power authoritarian politicians along with the stupid and costly mistakes they create.
    Maybe, just maybe, people will begin to see what’s happening; that power drunk politicians are turning America into a totalitarian state and finally take steps to prevent it.

  33. I’ve been thinking of the major voter issues that should be publicized to unseat Gavin Newsom. With some effort, I’ve pared it down to this “Top Ten” list:

    1. Crime
    From massive shoplifting to murder, CA crime rates are zooming up. The most dramatic increases in crime are ALL occurring in the big, Democrat-controlled cities. Democrats OWN the crime spree. I think that ‘crime’ might be the top issue in this recall.​

    2. Homeles​sness
    Especially since Newsom publicly INVITED the nation’s homeless to come to California where we will take care of them. NO CA voter wants more homeless here. Even our state’s HOMELESS don’t want more homeless here! Currently CA has the third highest homeless rate of all the states.

    3.​ CA gas taxes and prices
    Our TOTAL CA gas tax and fee costs exceed $1.20 a gallon. Yet our roads are among the worst in the nation. It’s a bread and butter issue that voters can and do understand.

    4. Lockdowns​
    It appears that variations of a lockdown WILL be imposed again and again by Democrats whenever some new variation of a communicable disease appears. People are sick and tired of this oppression, and of all the harmful side effects.

    5. Newsom’s hypocrisy
    Newsom has blatantly violated his own mask and social distancing mandates, while unleashing police on the rest of us to enforce his diktats. Moreover, he was fine with closing the public schools for a year while HIS kids attended an OPEN private school.

    6. The theft of THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS in CA fraudulent unemployment claims
    Much of that loss will have to be paid by employees having bigger “unemployment insurance” payments deducted from their paychecks in the future. Most of that stolen money went to California prisoners and ​international crime syndicates.
    Newsom was in charge. Not a SINGLE CA bureaucrat was fired as a result. Newsom doesn’t like to talk about it. Neither does the MSM, who have largely ignored this scandal.

    7. ​High Speed Rail (HSR)​
    The CA HSR disaster is now opposed by voters by at least a 2-1 margin. It’s the madness that proves Democrats should not hold office in the Golden State.

    8. Public Education
    The prolonged closing and “masking” of public schools while most private schools long ago reopened has enraged many parents. Clearly the schools (and the politicians) are run by the teacher unions FOR the teacher unions.
    The recall is a great time to call for “school choice.” Let the parents decide what’s best for THEIR families.

    9. Fires, Water and Electricity
    Newsom has GROSSLY mismanaged the fire threats, the water supply, and the reliability (and price) of electricity.

    10. Newsom’s de facto support of open borders.
    Indeed, Newsom recently invited the WORLD to come to our welfare state, stating that “we” will take care of them.
    NOTE: The GOP must NOT be anti-immigration. The party should favor VETTED, finite immigration — with enforceable limits on welfare access by immigrants. INCREASED immigration can make sense with these sensible safeguards in place.

    P.S. Doubtless I’ve missed a couple major issues that should encourage voters to remove Newsom. Feel free to add your thoughts. “Ten reasons” is an arbitrary number.

  34. The Libertarian Party of Ventura County,, is backing an elected official Jeff Hewitt to run against both Kleptocracy puppets. I looked over his online stuff and nowhere does he promise to bully girls, have cops kick in doors and shoot the dog over Drugaboos, nor tattoo the Mark of the Beast on anyone’s forehead. This is an elected official running on the libertarian platform giving Californians the opportunity to vote on the record for freedom and against the initiation of force. People south of Brownsville would risk everything for that kind of law-changing opportunity!

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