You Asked, We Told: The Reason Roundtable Fields Your Questions

From COVID-19 to "cocktail parties," anarchism to A.I., baseball to D&D, the podcast tackles your queries in a special webathon video episode!


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How does Katherine Mangu-Ward deal with all the damn statists surrounding her at work? How does Peter Suderman imagine persuading people that more government control of health insurance is not the way to better outcomes? Why do none of Nick Gillespie's cultural references post-date 1965? WTF is going on with Matt Welch's hair?

These questions and more were flung, with affection and occasional bite, by the beloved listeners of our weekly Reason Roundtable podcast. Today, in a special midweek video episode, we continue our tradition of answering them as part of Reason's annual webathon, in which we try to persuade you to make a modest (or immodest!) tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit foundation that publishes our work. Speaking of which…

PLEASE, BROTHER, COULD YOU SPARE A DONATION RIGHT THE HELL NOW? I mean, there's a $25,000 challenge grant and everything!

Here we are trying our level best to respond to your suggestions (no, we probably won't do a late-night weed podcast just yet), your quick-hit stumpers (favorite Twitter accounts; most libertarian sitcom characters), your fantasies about imaginary cocktail parties, and also your deep questions about COVID-19, libertarianism, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, artificial intelligence, Section 230, and much, much more. Enjoy!