Election 2020

Stossel: 2020 Candidates' Worst and Best Ideas

Stossel reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2020 campaigns.


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The 2020 campaign season is getting started. John Stossel says he's "repulsed by most politicians" because "not only are they mad for power, they push bad ideas."

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) has proposed that the post office go into the banking business, so that poor people can access banking.

Sanders says the "Postal Service could make billions of dollars a year by establishing basic banking services."

Stossel wonders: "Really? The people who mishandle mail?" The post office loses billions every year. "Now they're going to manage our money?" he asks.

Sanders doesn't stop there. He wants "a ban on for-profit charter schools" and a moratorium even on nonprofit charters.

He wants that even though the vast majority of studies show charters increase learning.

The bad ideas keep coming.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.) wants to force everyone to buy fertility treatment insurance.

Sen. Cory Booker (D–N.J.) wants government to guarantee everyone a job and to pay many people's rent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) would cancel student loan debt of up to $50,000.

Former Vice President Joe Biden would make college free.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.) would force companies to prove they pay men and women equally for the same work.

And she'd "hold social media platforms accountable" for "hate."

"That sounds nice," Stossel points out, "but if politicians get to decide what is 'hate,' they will censor any idea they don't like."

President Trump also has bad ideas. For example, Stossel says, he misunderstands the trade deficit. That's led him to start trade wars around the world.

Fortunately, many of the candidates also have good ideas—from Trump's regulation cutting to Biden's support for free speech, to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's (D–Hawaii) steadfast opposition to war.

"All the candidates have bad ideas," Stossel says. "But some are a bigger danger to our liberty than others."

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  1. Sen. Cory Booker (D–N.J.) wants government to guarantee everyone a job and to pay many people's rent.

    Obama's gonna pay for my gas and mortgage

    1. I wann my Obama Phone! I was promised an Obama Phone!

      1. Coming soon from Huawei.

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  3. Absolute worst Idea: Medicare for All.
    2nd Worst Idea: Letting 16 year olds vote.
    3rd Worst Idea: Governing by Executive fiat, rather than trying to legislate.
    4th Worst Impulse: Thinking the government can solve anything better than the private sector.

    1. 5th worst idea: spending even more money they don't have on things we don't need, both of which will make things worse.

    2. Letting 16 year olds vote would actually be the worst in the long run. They would enable all the other bad ideas.

      Frankly, aside from other things we should do to limit who can vote, raising the voting age would be nothing but a good thing. Super young idiot perpetually give the leftist morons a couple point edge, which if you think about it means they would almost never win an election without them, shifting the whole spectrum to the conservative/libertarian side.

      25 or 30 would be entirely reasonable, especially since we don't have a draft going, which was one of the arguments for lowering it to 18.

  4. "Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.) wants to force everyone to buy fertility treatment insurance."

    Why is there even such a thing?

    Should everyone have to get boobjob and facelift insurance too?

    1. Yes, also "species change" operation insurance! See "Stalking Cat", AKA Dennis Avner!


  5. I'm not going to comment until some candidate promises free blow jobs from Hillary.

    1. But who would want them? Not even Bill wants BJs from that hag.

  6. Just waiting for some social justice idiot to say it's my duty to vote for one of these assholes.

  7. Worst ideas vs. best ideas...I wonder which side of the scale has a lead brick in it, and which side has a hummingbird feather?

  8. If any of the Republicans and Democrats had good ideas that out weight their bad ideas, Then I would had never needed to join the Libertarian Party.

  9. At least you have some hope of paying off a college loan.

    I graduated from free public high school in 1965. Every year I go down to my local "Independent School District" and hand them a big chunk of cash to pay my property tax for that "free" high school education. I will do so until I die, and then they will tax my gravesite.

    And no, I'm not paying for my kid's high school. They're paying the same tax, and will until they die.

    I can't wait to see what "free" college does to that bill.

  10. Best idea to Elizabeth Warren for advocating for capitalism that works for the middle class not the wealthy. While trickle down may have worked for President Reagan, it has been over used and no longer works. The middle class now need the attention. A strong middle class yields a strong and democratic capitalism.

    Worst idea to anyone advocating court packing. You want to appoint judges you win the Presidency and you control the Senate. Its is hard but it is the only way.

    1. As much as I detest progressive taxation schemes in general, as long as they exist... I do think the middle-middle class needs to see the biggest cuts in the next round. The poor already pay dick all nothing, and ultra wealthy can get their effective rates really low. IMO people in the maybe $40-200K a year range need to see cuts if another round ever comes.

      But honestly, we should cut spending before we cut taxes even more.

      1. Agree on the last point. If you cannot cut spending then no tax cuts.

        1. Yup. The deficit must be dealt with eventually, and it will hurt. Frankly I think just basically keeping the deficit flat, or shrinking VERY slowly is fine. It will inflate itself away to being not a big deal after a decade or two of it not growing anyway.

      2. Ummm, actually, people in the $40-200K a year range are probably the biggest beneficiaries of entitlement spending so they should probably be bearing the biggest burden. Get back to me when you're prepared to make serious reforms in Social Security* and Medicare and we'll discuss lowering the "middle class" (or as I like to call them "the entitled class") tax burden.

        Whether you or the "progressives" like it, taxing that demographic (actually starting a lower levels, like 30K) is how the countries with robust cradle to grave welfare states keep their budgets (more or less) balanced.

        *Like an asset/ownership pension system like the Australians have and that the Baby Boomers tried to talk Reagan into adopting before the "Greatest Generation" adults in the room told them to keep quiet and accept the teachings of the Gospel of St Franklin of Roosevelt.

        1. They're only the biggest beneficiaries BECAUSE they're the biggest payers into those programs. I'm 100% for reforming/eliminating SS and Medicare, but the truth is once you get to about $50-60K a year, you are paying in more than you use in services as per studies.

          All the people who get ACTUAL welfare, as opposed to dumb crap they paid into, are the ones being subsidized. Since I don't want a huge welfare state, I would rather cut spending, and specifically cut taxes for those that are self sufficient and make up the bulk of the population. I agree that if you want socialist crap there is no way to do it without taxing the middle class to death, but that's not my goal.

  11. The system is completely broken. It was painfully obvious in the last election, and it hasn't gotten any better since.

  12. Short version: We're doomed!

    Even the stuff Trump is decent on isn't enough to save this country. Demographic trends have sealed our fate as sliding into a socialist abyss. The only way to salvage any of America is if we split the country up.

    1. "Demographic trends have sealed our fate "

      Really? We are doomed unless we have rule by white men. Is that what you are saying?

      1. Well, honestly, younger white people have been brainwashed by commies, so that's part of the demographic shift I mean.

        But, if you look at statistics without trying to not see what is shown in them... Basically only white Americans believe in any of the ideals America was founded on. On most issues somewhere around 2/3rds to 3/4s of whites agree.

        White women are shitty, and more like 50/50 on important stuff, but that's women for ya!

        And minorities, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, in polls and in their actual voting shows they are opposed to every idea America was founded on. That's not to say there aren't a minority of awesome Mexicans who don't like high taxes, or blacks that support free speech, or Asians that love the 2A... They exist... But they're all tiny minorities.

        Like it or not, those groups have all been pretty consistently anti-American since forever. The one except is Asians used to be okay on some stuff, and have tilted hard to the left as the percentage of Asian immigrants vs native born went through the roof. We may be able to salvage them. In fact I would argue that Asians joining with whites in supporting American ideals is perhaps the only way we could save the nation without splitting it up. But I'm not holding my breath.

  13. I liked the clips on Booker supporting school choice, Biden supporting the First Amendment (though I doubt he knows it well and question if he's telling the truth), Pete B.'s remarks opposed to free college, and especially Gabbard. Stossel is right, they have mostly bad ideas. Consider their support of government funded medical care for illegals. People from other countries will come here for their expensive medical procedures.

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